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Pros and Cons of Using Professional Website Templates

Since its launch the “ templatemonster ” cloud-based web development platform has hosted more than 70 million websites. But as with almost all the online products or services, its benefits and disadvantages. Do you want to meet them? Keep reading! 

Although it is not the best option to create a blog and does not offer all the control that web designers would like, the flexibility and ease of use of this website together with its low price, make it highly recommended to make a quick and easy first version of a website.


  1. Templates

With its flat or illustrative designs, the more than 500 templates serve almost any type of website you want to create. The only problem is deciding on one, but luckily it has a search engine that allows you to filter the designs by your type of business (restaurants and food, health and wellness, fashion and beauty, etc.), so that the choice is more easy.

  1. Flexibility

One of the best features that they offers its users is flexibility. You can manipulate every aspect of your web design as you see fit , choose only the parts you like from a template, add features and reorganize the visual elements as you see fit.

  1. Ease of use

it is very easy to use and very simple for the new users In addition, each step of building the web has its own unique help button. This function is very useful and saves a lot of time, since you won’t have to search a database to solve your doubts.

  1. App Market

The App Market has become one of its most prominent features. Among its more than 260 applications you can find marketing tools, social widgets, chats, forms, calendars, shopping carts etc. All these features will improve your page and the user experience .


  1. URL customization

One of the most repeated complaints in the  forums is its inability to create simple custom URLs . For example, if the address of your personal site is “https://www.templatemonster.com “ and you want to create a “about us” page.

  1. Template changes

Another important complaint about is ​​its inability to change the template when the web has already been created. Most of its competitors require only a few simple steps to change templates, but this is the price paid for the great flexibility that  they offers in its initial design.

professional website designs  and  templates are not responsive , but this website creator has a separate editor for mobile and desktop computers. This way you have more freedom and control over the way your site looks on different devices. Read more

  1. Blog

blogs leave a lot to be desired, they are very simple and they are not SEO-friendly. Another thing you have to  keep in your mind is that only an editor can contribute the content. Other platforms such as WordPress , designed specifically for blogs, allow multiple parties to contribute simultaneously.

  1. Technical limitations

biggest disadvantage for web designers is its limitations, since it doesn’t allow HTML or CSS editing. And, since the platform is built with AJAX, there are some compatibility issues.

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