Pros and Cons of Automation

automation is taking control a bit faster than any other technology in our world. We have seen that now, many things is taking place without a single human interruption. 

this is not only making our lives easy but it is also affecting the human community. We all know that many groups and communities are against automation, they not only think that it is going to disturb the Source of economic growth but it will only support the capital investors.     

What is automation?     

Since, I have written this piece of information for helping those who have got very little knowledge about automation so I would only explain it simply. 

“Automation” as the name implies, is the automatic help form the machine. It is a technology specifically evident in robots and mobile phones. 

Take for example your security camera. when you have set it to detect motion, it will like a very reliable and obedient person who will send you notifications about the detected motions. 

This is something our old folks did not imagine. These things are only possible through a number of software which is powered by electrical connections, that software at the end helps the machines to respond accordingly. This may sound very easy but in reality, there are a number of people involved in manufacturing a tiny machine.

Not only this, the materials which are used to create these machines are very reliable and strong. That is why these machines are expensive and sometimes unaffordable. 

In this article I have gathered some information from various research papers to clarify the notions of dangerous, threatening while beneficial automation. I myself was confused about the automation industry’s impact on our world as a whole. 

Time Efficiency 

Automation helps people in saving time if in a very huge factory there are a lot of things to do and human power is not capable of doing that in the expected speed, so people tend to change the working force to automation. Machines can be very quick. 

Thus, in minimum time maximum results can be obtained. This is possible because machines do not have a brain to think about some emotional aspects of their lives like men. Thus, no such barrier in your work. 


Your work will not be changed, for example if your machines have got software which are designed to work in an exact fashion. Then no matter what th machines will not work in any other way. 

The production results will not be changed even for a single time. this ensures your products quality. The same thing will be produced again and again,  without a single error.

Zero Human Error 

When there will be less human interaction then there will be very minimum chances of any kind of human errors. 

Humans, are weak in this respect they are likely to make mistakes which you might not allow but before automation, men have to bear it. 

Low Cost 

When there ill be 100 men doing the same task, you will have to pay to say 300 dollars to each person for a week. On the other hand, if you install a machine you will only have to invest a few thousand dollars. After investing in the machines you will not be paying the same amount every week to the employees. 

It does not look like a low cost but in reality, it is, you just invest once, the price of the machine will feel like a very huge amount, but if we compare it to the salaries per year then you can easily understand the point. 

No-Risk of Injury 

When there will be fewer employees working in the factory, there would be very minimum chances of injury and accidents. Thus you will be free of such cases to a larger extent.

Very High Volume Production 

Machines can increases your production by many folds. This will not only keep you up to the decided mark, but you will also earn more than you were earning before the machines. 

Disadvantages of Automation 

No Flexibility 

When you stop hiring human fore you will need to hire a machine for each task, a human force can help you in various tasks. A machine, on the other hand, will only work in the same pattern, in case your machine gets stuck you will not be able to find any alternative other than buying or repairing your machine. 


You will need fuel and coal sometime sot power the heavy machinery. Sometimes of burning huge furnaces, thus it can produce a lot of pollution.   

Unpredictable Investments 

You do not know how much money you  will have to invest when you are installing a machine you will have to pay for its maintenance and for its fuel or electricity. This can be a very great amount you have never imagined when you were having employees working with you. 


When you will not be hiring people, there can be a risk of unemployment in your area. This can be  very risky thing but because of the long term benefits people are still getting machines for running their factories. 


Automation is the new turning point of our international culture, we can not ignore it. still, we will have to make sure that it is not adversely affecting our societies. Otherwise a day will come that machine swill be controlling our lives more than us. This is an alarming situations. We humans are naturally very lazy so we like this aspect of technology and still we are finding ways for helping ourselves, but we must also work for helping the unemployed people.

As far as I have studied this can only be sort out, by making people learn management. At the end we humans will only be left with brains letting ourselves to manage machines only. Thus, we must not skip the essential and administrative education of our children and next generations. Otherwise we will be stuck in the increasing use of machines which is not actually dangerous but we need to manage it.