Proper Footwear For the Summer: How to Dress in 2021

As summer approaches, people begin to feel giddy this time of year as they prepare their holidays at the beach, bask in the sunny weather, and plan their BBQs and other summer gatherings. Of course, you will need to keep in mind that as much as we crave the sunshine, the heat can get to you, especially if you live in a hot country, and we’re not just reminding you to apply your sunblock, we’re actually talking about footwear. Comfortable footwear is a necessity during the summer. As you bury your trainers and boots deep in the back of your closet, you’ll need to find the perfect pair of summer shoes. On that note, here is a list of all the proper footwear you need for the summer so that you know how to dress trendy in 2021. 

Casual Sporty Sandals

Sandals are among the best pair of shoes to invest in during the summer season because there are so many variants and they are all so versatile. You may already have a great pair of fancy sandals that you are dying to dig up for the holidays, but you are missing out if you don’t join the fashionistas in 2021 and bag yourself a pair of casual sporty sandals to wear daily. Casual footwear is ideal for summer because it’s suitable for day or night. Not to mention, sporty sandals will help you maintain your active lifestyle if you have one, or perhaps encourage you to get one this summer. 

Fancy Sandals

Speaking of sandals, a fancy pair goes a long way, especially if you’re not a fan of high heels. Some faux leather or suede sandals are the most popular this year. These are ideal for date nights, summer evenings by the sea, and a perfectly comfortable pair to wear to dance the night away. Your feet won’t ache, since there’s no high heel to endure, even if you’ve been wearing them all night, and they are dressy enough to pair with your little cocktail dress. 

Slip-on Dress Shoes

If you are an avid high-heel lover, why not get yourself some slip-on stiletto dress shoes. Stilettos are effortlessly attractive, and slip-ons are far more practical for the summer. If you would like to sport some high heels but struggle to find comfortable footwear, then the wide heel dress shoes have your name on them. 2021 trends are all about combining individual style with comfort, which is why the wide heel is appropriate. You avoid any foot pain and can roam around freely with your pretty dress shoes. Slip-on shoes are ideal for those who spend their vacations by the coast, so if you want to slip them off and dance barefoot on the beach, you’re more than ready to do so. 

Durable Flip Flops

During the summer, most of us tend to live in our flip-flops, particularly if we’re by the sea. However, if you don’t invest in durable flip-flops, you’re wasting your time. The purpose of these shoes is to provide the utmost comfort and last a long time since you’ll be slipping them on daily. That’s why it’s important to choose trusted brands that aren’t going to offer flimsy fabric. If you live in Australia, you’re in luck because it is easy to find great sales on the best flip flop brands and you’ll probably find havaianas for sale at every turn all summer long. There are some great summer trends to choose from when picking flip flops. The cushioned slippers are all the rage right now. Just make sure to not steer too far away from durable brands. Moreover, make sure to stick to long-lasting fabrics; no matter the year, rubber flip flops aren’t a good idea and you should always make sure you buy the appropriate size for your feet. 

Faux Leather Sandals

Both men and women can benefit from investing in the right pair of flip flops, but that isn’t the only gender-neutral trend that’s all the rage right now. Faux leather sandals are growing far more popular with men than they are with women. Men also desire comfortable footwear that’s stylish and goes with practically any dress code. You just can’t go wrong with a pair of faux leather sandals. These shoes look great, feel great, and come in various shapes and sizes to suit everyone. Whether you want the wide foot or the little wedge heel, there’s something for you – even if you just need some bunion relief. 

The great thing about 2021 footwear trends is that you are still spoilt for choice when it comes to fashionable shoes, but now you have the added benefit of being able to choose comfortable dress shoes. Whether you’re taking an adventurous summer holiday, want to soak up the sun on the beach, or dance at the local cocktail bar, you can find proper, durable footwear to sustain you. Not to mention, you can now find heels that encourage you to dance all night long.