Back-up calling: Den Pope, 52, helps people around the world by writing their wedding speeches for an amount of $ 429 (stock image)

Writing a wedding address is a high-pressure job for everyone – no matter how witty and eloquent they may be – but fortunately there is a wise spokesperson who ensures that everything on & # 39; the great & # 39; day is said nothing less than perfect.


Den Pope, a professional speech writer from Chicago, has been the brain behind memorable toasts for more than two decades.

Members of the wedding party who are stressed at the thought of having to deliver for all their loved ones, rely on Den to make a monologue who will bring the house down.

Back-up calling: Den Pope, 52, helps people around the world by writing their wedding speeches for an amount of $ 429 (stock image)

Back-up calling: Den Pope, 52, helps people around the world by writing their wedding speeches for an amount of $ 429 (stock image)

Via his website NailYourSpeech.comcustomers from all over the world can contact Den for a helping hand in creating a memorable address.

A customized six-nine-minute speech, which costs $ 429, is based on Den & # 39; s 20-year expertise in the company.


Rest assured, no & # 39; dad & # 39; jokes, overused clich├ęs, or clumsy liners will come in either.

For the slightly higher price of $ 469, Den coaches customers on delivery and are & # 39; pioneering & # 39; nerve-racking tips about public speaking (don't worry, it's not a trite & # 39; imagine everyone naked. & # 39;)

Below Den offers his top tips to calm the nerves and to hold the birth:

Tkeep the pressure off

Den said: & # 39; Like most things in life, it's all in the head. Nobody expects or even wants you to be a brilliant, polished, professional after-dinner speaker. You don't have to try & # 39; in character & # 39; to come and become someone other than exactly who you are today. Stay yourself. Who you are now is the reason you speak. & # 39;


& # 39; Know that the audience is 100% on your side from the moment you get up. You are among friends – the best possible environment for your speech.


& # 39; Everyone wants you to succeed and have fun. Nobody wants to criticize you. Everyone is there to have a good time and will forgive almost everything, so be real and focus on yourself first by knowing that you are saying what you want to say to the bride and groom on their wedding day.

Be real

& # 39; The public craves authenticity, especially in today's digital world, and will gladly follow you wherever you lead them, as long as you are real, & # 39; said Den.

Be sincere

And to finish? Please skip the lofty quotes from Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde.


& # 39; Bring the bride and groom together as a couple by offering a quick toast of one sentence that is sincere, but perhaps links an earlier point or two of humor, & # 39; Den advised.

Ask the professional: the best tips from Den Pope for writing a wedding address

  • Be authentic.
  • Do not use empty common places such as: & # 39; You are made for each other. & # 39;
  • Do not bleed or become hyperbolic.
  • Resist the temptation to follow overused online templates (if it's on the internet, it's already over!)
  • Don't be afraid to go deep with memories.
  • Make sure it is personal.
  • Resist the commonly used, such as: & # 39; I don't lose a daughter, I have a son! & # 39;

With a Masters in Journalism and decades of experience in the world of communication and media, Den originally started writing wedding speeches after an & # 39; informal request & # 39; from a marketing client who needed help to reinforce his crawling thoughts before his brother's wedding.

& # 39; Not only did I enjoy writing wedding speeches and was good at it, but it was the first time that I felt that I really added value to the world & # 39 ;, Den told DailyMail .com.

& # 39; In other words, the world does not need a new advertising campaign for insurance, but the world needs great wedding speeches, & # 39; he laughed.

Although he apparently found his niche – and was a much in demand there – it took several years and & # 39; two episodes & # 39; before he formalized the hobby as a company.


The public craves authenticity, especially in today's digital world

& # 39; Everyone has a nice, warm, original speech, & # 39; said Den.

& # 39; The problem is that they also have years of thoughts, feelings, and experiences about the bride or groom who are also banging in their heads and it all feels like chaos. & # 39;

& # 39; In addition to many years of experience in writing speech and performance coaching, my real value for clients is perspective. I help them take a step back to identify and organize what is already in them, but they cannot access it because they are part of the story and too close to it. & # 39;

Den explained that it is a & # 39; two-step process & # 39; is with customers, starting with a 15-step discussion guide that aims to recall some initial memories and & # 39; narrow their thinking & # 39; for the speech. He then spends an hour on the phone with customers going deeper into some information.


He adds: & # 39; Clients often tell me they feel our conversation is a therapy session. It allows them to express and understand their feelings about the bride and groom and their relationship.

& # 39; I want to get to know their values, personality, character and sense of humor, because every word of this speech must be in their voice to be authentic. & # 39;

The writing process itself takes at least seven hours.

& # 39; I edit it no less than six or seven times over a period of a week or two. I also listen to the speech that is being read to me over and over again and constantly ask myself: would she say this? And if so, would she use these words to say it? & # 39;

& # 39; Then I send the speech to the client and ask him to read it out loud a few times, start to end without stopping. & # 39;

& # 39; I'm looking for words or phrases that don't feel right or roll off the tongue. I can usually keep the speech at least 90 percent out of the gate and will refine words or sentences and then go to the delivery phase if they are nervous. & # 39;

Business is certainly flying, as Den reveals that he is already making bookings for weddings in September 2020.

Nobody expects or even wants you to be a brilliant, polished, professional after-dinner speaker. You don't have to be "in character" and become someone other than exactly who you are

& # 39; I have been invited to the wedding to & # 39; hear my & # 39; speech read at least five or six times, including airline tickets and accommodation. But I never accepted it, & Don admitted.

& # 39; Although I appreciate the offer, I prefer them to enjoy their moment without looming up. I don't ask for it, but I enjoy receiving videos and photos from customers who give their speech.


& # 39; It's so wonderful to see them kicking a ** there, having fun, and surprising themselves by doing something they didn't know they could do. & # 39;

Den said some people tell their loved ones that they have outsourced the speech.

& # 39; Some do, most don't, & # 39; Den admitted. & # 39; If they ask for my opinion, I tell them that ours is like a doctor-patient or lawyer-client relationship that they have to keep between us.

& # 39; I sometimes receive emails from customers saying they are & # 39; guilty & # 39; or & # 39; felt uncomfortable & # 39; with all the compliments they received at the reception because they & # 39; it didn't write & # 39; or something like that. I tell them that's nonsense.

& # 39; On the contrary, every word was theirs. The speech is everything for them. I am just the guide who helps them identify and organize what is already in them. & # 39;


& # 39; I want everyone I work with, to just get up, knock this thing out of the park, and enjoy all the compliments they deserve. I want this to be one of the best experiences of their lives. & # 39;

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