Probiotics Made Just for Women

Probiotics Made Just for Women

Probiotics are not a new supplement. Both men and women have been taking probiotics to help with intestinal care and stomach issues for decades. However, for women, a probiotic should go beyond digestion. 

For women, feminine probiotics designed just for them can maintain healthy gut bacteria, promote healthy pH levels, regulate immunity, assist in the balance of hormones, help stabilize the metabolism, help detox the body, and even assist with emotional health.

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Specialized Support

Women’s feminine health can be a touchy subject. Many women don’t understand their inner workings and vaginal health ultimately but are quite aware of an issue. Probiotics help build a healthy gut and regulate your vaginal pH levels, among other life-changing benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Healthy gut bacteria — Healthy gut bacteria is essential to breaking down food and acting as a barrier for intestinal infections.
  • Healthy pH levels — Health pH helps regulate the Lactobacilli, a natural and beneficial bacteria in the vaginal cavities which secrete lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide giving the vagina its pH level. When this pH gets off, a women’s body is more prone to yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, which can be uncomfortable in many different ways.
  • Regulate immunity — Probiotic’s main job is to fight off harmful bacteria, so that’s its first step in regulating immunity. Still, probiotics can also influence our immune cells, controlling inflammation, stomach barrier function, and even individual cell-to-cell signals.
  • Assist in the balance of hormones — Research has recently shown that taking probiotics can help regulate the hormones in women and can help manage mood disorders like anxiety and depression, normalize inflammation that hormones can impact. 
  • Help in stabilizing the metabolism — Studies have shown that the components of a proper gut microbiome play a crucial role in the treatment of tumor resistance by the suppression of excessive hunger, stabilizing the metabolism, and the normalization of mood and sleep patterns.
  • Help detox the body — Probiotics the number of good bacteria in the gut which helps detoxify your entire system, including your hard-working liver, and probiotics help you absorb the right nutrients more efficiently.
  • Assist with emotional health — Inflammation/minerals can contribute to depression and high blood pressure.

Because Feminine Probiotic Support

This specialized probiotic has been designed with a blend of Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria, and ten proven probiotic strains that promote vaginal and digestive health and immune well-being. 

It is best to take your two UTI supplements once daily, 30 minutes before a meal with a glass of water. Then take one probiotic supplement just before or during your meal. This will help both supplements be more effective and enter your system when you need them.

Will I Feel a Change?

Changing your diet and adding new bacteria to your system can cause physical changes. Don’t worry. This is a positive as your body is currently fighting off harmful bacterial throughout your entire digestive tract and replacing it with good bacteria. However, while your body gets used to the new good bacterial, you may experience some bloating and discomfort. 

There are lots of ways to battle this discomfort while your body evens out. Here are some of our top trusted course for assisting with any new changes:

  • Drink lots of water — Your body is knocking out harmful toxins right now, and the best way to move those along is to keep your system flushed. This will keep your hard-working liver free of any toxins that these good bacteria are flushing out of your system.
  • Exercise — Just about any form of physical activity you enjoy will get things moving in the digestive tract. 

Try out a few of these to get you started:

  • Dancing
  • Bicycling
  • Water aerobics
  • Roller skating

These movements will get you moving and shaking, helping your circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive systems get free of those unhealthy toxins.

In conclusion, probiotics aren’t just for your tummy anymore, and for women taking probiotics routinely is more crucial than ever. Probiotics help regulate a wide range of systems in the body and help regulate hormones and mood, improving overall wellness and health.