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Princess Caroline’s stepson, Prince Christian of Hanover, and his wife Alessandra welcome twins

Prince Christian of Hanover was born Christian Heinrich Clemens Paul Frank Peter Welf Wilhelm Ernst Friedrich Franz on June 1, 1985 in Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, West Germany

His father Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, married Princess Caroline of Monaco in 1999, after being separated from his mother Chantal (née Hochuli), the heiress of a Swiss chocolate fortune, in 1997.

Ernst August and Princess Caroline are currently separated.

Through his father, Hanover is a descendant of George III of the United Kingdom, William II, the German Emperor, Christian IX of Denmark and Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and is related to most members of the current European royal families in the United Kingdom , Spain, Denmark and Norway.

He is second in succession to the former Hanoverian throne, after his older brother Prince Ernst August.

As a descendant of Queen Victoria, Christian, through her daughter, Empress Frederick, is also in line with the succession to the British throne.

Since the kingdom of Hanover no longer exists, the title is not legally recognized – after that With the establishment of the Weimar Republic in 1919, the legal recognition of hereditary titles was abolished.

He has a half-sister, Princess Alexandra of Hanover through the second marriage of his father and two step-brothers and a stepsister – Andrea, Pierre and Charlotte Casiraghi – from Princess Caroline’s previous marriage.

Although born in Germany, Christian moved to Paris after his parents’ divorce and attended Malvern College, a prestigious British public school in Worcestershire.

Costs for full-time boarders at Malvern College are currently just under £ 40,000 ($ 56,000) per year.

In 2004, Christian’s father transferred several pieces of German ownership of the House of Hanover to Christian and his brother, including Marienburg Castle.

Christian met his new wife Alessandra de Osma in Peru when she was 14 and she acted as his guide.

The couple remained friends and started dating in 2011. They have been living quietly in Madrid for several years, where Prince Christian studied business administration.

Alessandra’s father, Felipe, is a senior executive at Hermes, a Peruvian cash management firm.