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Prince William surprise visits British troops on the Ukrainian border


Prince William of Wales, heir to the British Crown, traveled by surprise this Wednesday to the Polish town of Rzeszow, less than a hundred kilometers from the border with Ukraine, to “personally thank” the troops of the United Kingdom and Poland for their support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

For security reasons, the British Royal House has kept the visit secret until Prince William has finally left the Polish military base, where he has also met with the Polish Defense Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak, collects Sky News.

The British heir has praised the “passion” and “determination” shown by the troops to “defend shared freedoms”, and has praised the response of the Polish population, which has opened its “hearts” to the Ukrainians “as much as its homes”.

The Rzeszow military base has become a strategic logistics center, since a large part of the weapons material supplied by the allied powers was sent there to be later distributed to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The visit to Poland will last two days and Guillermo also has several meetings scheduled, including a meeting with the Polish president, Andrzej Duda, at the Presidential Palace in Warsaw, before whom he will discuss the “deep relationship” between the two countries.

This trip through Poland has been planned by the British Government and has the objective of showing the solidarity of the United Kingdom and the Crown with the troops that support Ukraine, at the same time that it sends a message to Russia in the same week that the president Chinese Xi Jinping has visited Moscow.

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