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Prince Harry tells toxic trauma expert that he’s NOT ‘a victim’ nor ‘looking for sympathy’

Prince Harry tells toxic trauma expert Gabor Mate that he is NOT a ‘victim’ nor is he ‘looking for sympathy’ as the therapist tells him he thinks the royal family has a ‘disadvantaged’ upbringing had

Prince Harry has said he is not a “victim” and is not looking for sympathy, but is sharing his experiences as an “act of service.”

King Charles’ youngest son talks to toxic trauma expert Dr Gabor Maté tonight in what is being billed as an “intimate conversation” about “living with loss and personal healing.”

Prince Harry told the trauma expert that he hoped sharing his experiences with mental health issues would help others, including encouraging them to seek therapy.

The £17-a-head tickets for the live stream also include a bound copy of the Duke’s memoir, Spare, which was first published in January.

The timing of the discussion is particularly inconvenient for the palace, just days after it was announced that King Charles was evicting Harry and his wife Meghan Markle from Frogmore Cottage, their country home on the Windsor estate.

When asked by Dr Maté if he saw himself as a victim, Prince Harry said: ‘Certainly not.’ The duke added that he was speaking out to encourage others to seek help

The livestream costs £17 and comes with a bound copy of the Duke's memoir, Spare.  Viewers can also download the latest book by Dr.  Buy mate

The livestream costs £17 and comes with a bound copy of the Duke’s memoir, Spare. Viewers can also download the latest book by Dr. Buy mate

Dr. Maté started the conversation by saying there were “two diverging reactions” to the event: those who had read Harry’s book Spare and those who hadn’t.

He said those who hadn’t read the book were “outraged” at Harry and those who had were “grateful” to him for sharing his story.

The prince responded by saying: “I definitely don’t see myself as a victim,” adding that his experiences and his work with mental health “sharing my story will help some people.”

Harry added that “it feels like an act of service” in sharing his experience through his book.

Dr. Maté has said that starting Harry therapy was “like bursting a bubble.”

Prince Harry sits down with Dr Gabor Maté for livestreamed event on ‘trauma and healing’

Prince Harry walks behind his mother's coffin at her funeral with male relatives.  The duke said unwrapping her death had taken a

Prince Harry walks behind his mother’s coffin at her funeral with male relatives. The duke said unwrapping her death had taken a “tremendous weight” off his chest

Harry described how finding a therapist and “unpacking” the death of his mother, Princess Diana, was a “huge weight” off his chest.

“My awareness of myself was distorted by my environment, but also by society,” he said.

“When I found my therapist and 12-year-old Harry started unpacking the moment my mother died, it was scary.

“One of the things I feared most was losing the memory of my mother. I thought therapy would cure me, but I would lose what I had managed to hold on to from my mother.

‘It was the opposite. I turned the sadness into realizing that she just wanted me to be happy. That was a huge burden off my chest.’

Harry’s decision to share a platform with Dr Maté has sparked anger due to his history of controversial comments, including comparing Hamas to the Jewish heroes of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising against the Nazis.

The 79-year-old Hungarian-Canadian Holocaust survivor has also defended Palestinian rocket fire at Israeli civilians and once labeled the Israeli government as “terrorists.”

Today’s discussion comes just days after word got out that Harry and Meghan were told to vacate Frogmore Cottage, their abode in grace and favour.

The couple were reportedly given ‘weeks’ to pack up their UK home after Harry’s memoir Spare hit shelves in January.

Earlier this week, journalist Omid Scobie claimed some members of the royal family were “appalled” by the decision to evict Harry and Meghan, while the couple also reportedly felt “stupid”.

An insider is said to have told him: ‘It all feels very final and like a cruel punishment. It’s as if (the family) wants to remove them from the picture forever.’

But the pair are not as ‘baffled’ about the departure as previous reports have suggested, believing that ‘if we have to move, we will figure it out on our own,’ a source told The Times.

The revelation comes as preparations take place for King Charles’ coronation in May, amid speculation that Harry may not receive an invitation.