Prince Harry reveals he killed 25 Taliban fighters on second tour of duty in Afghanistan

Prince Harry has reportedly revealed that he killed 25 Taliban fighters on his second tour in Afghanistan.

The Duke of Sussex, who was known in the army as “Captain Wales,” wrote that he did not see the dead “as human beings,” but “chess pieces” he had removed from the board.

He said it was “not a number that satisfies me, but doesn’t embarrass me either,” according to De Telegraaf.

This is the first time Harry, 38, has spoken about the number of Taliban fighters he personally killed during his time in Afghanistan, where he went in both 2007-8 and 2012.

Prince Harry pictured during his second tour of duty at Camp Bastion, Southern Afghanistan, in 2013

Prince Harry Pictured In November 2012

Prince Harry pictured in November 2012

Prince Harry Envisioned Performing Early Morning Pre-Flight Checks In The Cockpit, At Camp Bastion, Southern Afghanistan

Prince Harry envisioned performing early morning pre-flight checks in the cockpit, at Camp Bastion, southern Afghanistan

Harry Sitting In An Armored Vehicle In Helmand Province In February 2008

Harry sitting in an armored vehicle in Helmand province in February 2008

The Duke Of Sussex Pictured In Helmand Province On His First Tour Of Duty In 2008

The Duke of Sussex pictured in Helmand province on his first tour of duty in 2008

The prince first deployed to Helmand province in 2007 as a forward air traffic controller, but his first tour of duty was cut short after foreign news organizations violated an agreed news strike.

After learning how to fly Apache helicopters, Harry was deployed to Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan in 2012, where he spent 20 weeks.

During his 2012 tour, Harry helped provide helicopter support for the International Security Assistance Force and the Afghan Armed Forces operating throughout Helmand Province.

Based at Camp Bastion, the No. 662 Squadron Army Air Corps, to which he belonged, flew more than a hundred purposeful missions during 2,500 flying hours, providing close-range surveillance, deterrence and, if necessary, strike capabilities, as well as escort duties for other aircraft.

Harry Reportedly Detailed The Shocking Revelation In His Telling Memoir Spare, Which Was Leaked Days Before It Was Due To Be Published

Harry reportedly detailed the shocking revelation in his telling memoir Spare, which was leaked days before it was due to be published

Captain Wales qualified as a second pilot in February 2012.

He was posted to 3 Regiment Army Air Corps, part of 16 Air Assault Brigade, to gain more flying experience and operate the Apache on a number of exercises before deploying to Afghanistan in September 2012.

He trained to fly in the front seat as a mission or aircraft commander, but most of the time he operated the Apache’s sights, sensors, and weapon systems.

The revelation could add to fears for his personal safety, as Prince Harry has long been considered a target for terrorists due to his royal status and military ties.

It comes amid an ongoing legal battle with the Home Office over not giving Harry and his family full police protection when visiting the UK.

The duke’s lawyer said he “doesn’t feel safe” while in the UK, having lost his taxpayer-funded security when he and his wife gave up royal duties.

He was previously considered a target for terrorists because of his two deployments to Afghanistan, and because he was a member of the royal family.

Harry’s revealing autobiography Spare was due to appear on January 10, but is already on sale in Spain.

The book leak also reveals:

Prince Harry Walked The Sussexes' Black Labrador Retriever Pula In The Pouring Rain Yesterday In California

Prince Harry walked the Sussexes’ black Labrador Retriever Pula in the pouring rain yesterday in California

A gloomy Prince Harry was pictured walking one of the dogs whose food bowl may have been smashed when Prince William reportedly threw his younger brother to the ground in a row over Meghan.

The Duke of Sussex took Pula for some exercise in California just hours before excerpts from his new book Spare were leaked to The Guardian newspaper.

Harry was dressed in a hat, raincoat and rain boots as he walked alone with the black Labrador in a torrential downpour along a quiet public beach at noon yesterday.

Within hours of his walk, a leaked copy of his memoir revealed that he had gone nuclear towards his brother, with claims that William assaulted him in his London kitchen after labeling Meghan “difficult,” “rude” and “abrasive.”

Harry pulled the black labrador Pula, adopted by the Sussexes in 2018, from the boot of his luxury 4×4 before walking down a coastal path to the beach.

The royal looked serious and glum in the car park shortly before the allegations – which could end his relationship with his older brother – hit the press. However, Harry still insists that he “would like to have my brother back,” despite his memoir and TV attacks.

The Duke of Sussex has denied invading his brother’s privacy when he described a standing argument that ended with the Prince of Wales grabbing him by the collar and throwing him to the ground, shattering a dog bowl with his back. William then reportedly stated, “I didn’t attack you, Harold.”

In an extraordinary excerpt from his upcoming book, Harry recalls a “physical attack” that reportedly left him with visible injuries, including “abrasions and bruises.”

He claimed the argument broke out in 2019 in the kitchen of his London home, Nottingham Cottage, in the grounds of Kensington Palace.

William allegedly labeled Meghan “difficult,” “rude” and “abrasive,” and insisted he was trying to “help” his younger brother.

Harry accused his brother of “talking back the press story” about his American wife before a shouting match ensued, the book claims.

Harry claims he gave the Prince of Wales a glass of water and said ‘Willy, I can’t talk to you when you’re like this’.

Harry describes what happened next, claiming, “He put the water down, called me another name, then came over to me. It all happened so fast. So very fast. He grabbed me by the collar, ripped my chain and knocked me to the ground. I landed on the dog’s bowl, which burst under my back, cutting the pieces into me. I lay there dazed for a moment, then got up and told him to get out.”

Prince Harry Looked Serious As He Walked His Dog Alone In A Torrential Downpour Along A Quiet California Beach

Prince Harry looked serious as he walked his dog alone in a torrential downpour along a quiet California beach

The Trunk Of His Car Was Protected Because Of The Bad Weather. The Prince Then Picked Up A Ball To Throw At His Pet In The Sand

The trunk of his car was protected because of the bad weather. The prince then picked up a ball to throw at his pet in the sand

Harry claims William then urged him to fight back, saying that would happen if they wrecked as children.

But the Duke of Sussex claims he refused, claiming William left and then returned ‘with regrets and apologies’.

William then turned and yelled back, “You don’t have to tell Meg this.”

Harry claims he said, “You mean you attacked me?” to which William replied, “I didn’t attack you, Harold.”

The Duke of Sussex says the first person he spoke to about it was his therapist, on the phone.

But he claims Meghan would see the “scrapes and bruises” on his back from the dog bowl.

He claims his wife “wasn’t that surprised and wasn’t that angry. She was terribly sad.”

The extract was published by the guard. It is unknown how the newspaper obtained an early copy of the book, as publisher Penguin Random House went to great lengths to prevent leaks.

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