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Prince Harry is ‘on the horns of a dilemma’ over whether to attend coronation, says royal expert


Prince Harry is “on the horns of a dilemma” when it comes to whether or not he should attend King Charles’s coronation, according to a royal expert.

Nigel Cawthorne, author of Prince Andrew, Maxwell and the Palace, said whether or not the 38-year-old Duke of Sussex attends the May 6 event will face scrutiny.

Buckingham Palace is reportedly making plans for Harry and Meghan to attend the King’s Coronation, and staff organizing logistics for the historic occasion have been instructed to include the Sussexes in their plans.

But tensions within the Firm, not only between Prince Harry and the rest of the royals, but also with Prince Andrew, have left the King in ‘an impossible position’, according to Nigel.

He said: ‘There is a real battle here. It’s an eye for an eye. certainly tat. With the perfect queen gone, the monarchy looks a bit shabby.

Prince Harry (pictured while appearing on The Late Show earlier this year) is “in the midst of a dilemma” over whether to attend his father’s coronation, according to a royal author.

Charles is in an impossible position. If Andrew or Harry, or both, show up, they will dirty the coronation and take away the limelight.

“His absence will also be news and will diminish the importance of the ceremony.”

He continued: ‘The coronation is the key moment in the monarchy, but the top royals don’t bother to show up. Imagine a wedding or funeral where a sibling or son doesn’t show up. He talks a lot.

Speaking specifically about the monarch’s youngest son, Nigel said: “Harry is in a quandary too.”

‘How unpopular do you want to be? Every time she opens her mouth she plummets in the opinion polls. He is the Eddie the Eagle of the royal family.

If he appears, you risk being thrown rotten tomatoes. If you stay away, you are turning your back (on the Royal Family). Only, by the way, my son and daughter are a prince and a princess.

His comments follow news that Harry and Meghan have revealed that they have started calling their children Archie and Lilibet prince and princess after secretly christening their daughter in California.

The Sussexes held an Anglican ceremony at their Montecito mansion for 20 to 30 friends, including their billionaire godfather, Tyler Perry, earlier this month.

Meanwhile, King Charles (pictured at a Buckingham Palace ceremony this week) is in

Meanwhile, King Charles (pictured at a Buckingham Palace ceremony this week) finds himself in “an impossible position” according to royal author Nigel Cawthorne, thanks to family tensions.

Harry and Meghan invited King Charles, Queen Camilla and the Prince and Princess of Wales to the California ceremony last Friday, but they declined, a source close to the couple told People magazine. It is not known when the British royals were asked to attend, or how an invitation was sent to the United Kingdom.

The court circular, Britain’s official record of royal engagements, reveals that none of the royals apart from Princess Anne attended the events on the christening day.

A statement from the Sussexes referred to the 21-month-old as ‘Princess Lilibet Diana’, revealing for the first time that the couple have decided to invoke their right to use ‘Princess’ for Lilibet, six months after accession to the throne. of King Carlos last September. Archie will be called prince.

Harry and Meghan are said to not want to deny their children the chance to inherit their father’s royal titles as they see it as their birthright, but will allow Archie and Lili to decide whether to abandon or continue using the royal titles when they are older. old.

Meghan told Oprah Winfrey that Archie was not given the title of prince because of his race, but this was disputed by palace and constitutional experts.

However, when Archie was born seventh in line to the then-Queen’s throne in May 2019, he was too far down the line.

The rules dictate that although he was a great-grandson of the monarch, he was not the firstborn son of a future king, so he was not automatically a prince.

A source claimed that 21-month-old Lili’s princess title and Archie’s prince title will be used in formal settings, but not in the couple’s everyday conversational usage.

And the monarch will not stand in their way, Buckingham Palace revealed, adding that the Royal Family’s official website has now been updated to name the children Princess Lilibet and Prince Archie. She previously referred to to Lilibet as ‘Miss Lilibet Mountbatten-Windsor’ and to her brother as ‘Master Archie Mountbatten-Windsor’.

The comments follow news that the Sussexes' daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor (pictured in June of last year) was recently baptized at Montecito.

The comments follow news that the Sussexes’ daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor (pictured in June of last year) was recently baptized at Montecito.

Title rules established by King George V in 1917 mean that Archie and Lili, as children of a sovereign, automatically became prince and princess when Charles became king.

They would also be entitled to an HRH look, but while Harry and Meghan keep their HRH looks, they no longer wear them after leaving the working-class monarchy.

It was previously reported in 2021 that Charles, in a bid to limit the number of key royals, intended, when he became monarch, to prevent Archie from becoming a prince.

To do so, he would have to issue a Letters Patent modifying Archie’s right to be a prince and Lili’s right to be a princess.

Lili was baptized by the Anglican Bishop of Los Angeles, John Taylor. Guests and family, including Doria Ragland, then danced to a playlist containing songs from Harry and Meghan’s wedding reception at Windsor Castle. A gospel choir also reportedly performed Oh Happy Day and This Little Light of Mine.

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