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Prince Harry breaks silence on Meghan Markle’s new product launch

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Prince Harry breaks silence on Meghan Markle's new product launch

Prince Harry has made his first public statement since Meghan Markle unveiled a new product from her lifestyle business. Orchard of the American Riviera. The statement was posted on the couple’s newly launched website.

The website features a post detailing Prince Harry’s recent engagements: “This week, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, engaged with global leaders from the technology and travel sectors as part of Travalyst’s annual convening. He participated in a roundtable with community organizations and explored the impacts of tourism on local communities. He also addressed the call on the topic of sustainable travel.

The post reads: “This week, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, met with travel and technology leaders from around the world as part of the annual Travalyst meeting. He joined community organizations at a roundtable with the people and places impacted by tourism and addressed the entire gathering as they came together to discuss sustainable travel.”

The Duke’s statement reads: “Prince Harry said: Travel and tourism depends on destinations united by communities, without which we have nowhere to travel. “Communities are the heart of travel and we must do better with the people who are guardians of the places we visit. We’ve heard from some fantastic organizations like Invisible Cities, who train people affected by homelessness to be tour guides in their own city, and Global Himalayan Expedition, whose programs have helped electrify over 200 Himalayan villages, impacting “better to more than 60,000 lives.”

Harry continued: “More and more people want to make informed travel decisions so that everyone feels the benefit of travel.” “Travalyst and its partners bring a combined market value of nearly $3 trillion and are working hard to provide that resource at the systems level.”

The brand aims to offer products that reflect a combination of luxury and practicality, aligning with the couple’s broader ambitions to positively impact social and environmental issues. Prince Harry’s statement on his website not only served as an endorsement of Meghan’s new business, but also symbolized his support and shared vision with his wife.

The website launch and Harry’s subsequent statement highlight the couple’s strategy of using digital platforms for direct communication with the public, avoiding traditional media channels that have often criticized them. This approach allows them more control over their narrative and the ability to highlight initiatives and projects that are important to them without external mediation.

The introduction of American Riviera Orchard is a key step for Meghan as a businesswoman and signifies the Sussexes’ continued transition into their new roles outside the Royal Family. This step into the corporate sector is combined with her existing charitable activities, which aim to address various social issues, from gender equality to mental health and environmental conservation.

As Harry and Meghan continue to expand their professional and philanthropic activities, public interest in their projects remains high. Their efforts to balance the public interest with personal privacy have been a central theme in their actions since leaving the United Kingdom. By sharing updates and announcements through their own channels, they maintain a direct line of communication with their followers and the general public.

The launch of Meghan’s first product and Harry’s statement of support are just the beginning of what appears to be a broader strategy to engage with global audiences on their own terms. This combination of entrepreneurship and activism forms the core of their post-royal identity, and shapes how they aim to influence and participate in public discourse and business ventures for years to come.

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