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Prince Harry appears lost in thought as no amulet is seen, after King Charles snub

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s emotions were evident upon his return to the United States after a trip to Nigeria with Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted at the Los Angeles airport on Monday after an 18-hour flight. Meghan led the way as they left the airport, with Harry following behind, looking dejected.

real expert Tom Quinn noted that Harry seemed upset, suggesting it could be related to his brief visit to the UK earlier this month. Harry had hoped to visit his father, King Charles, during the trip, but the monarch was reportedly too busy to meet.

Speaking exclusively with Mirror, Tom said: “Harry desperately tried to put on a brave face during his recent visit to the UK, but his true feelings were evident when he landed back in Los Angeles. It was impossible not to see how despondent and upset he seemed.

“And it’s not a surprise because he was looking forward to seeing his father and for much longer than their 30-minute meeting the last time he was in the UK.” Harry previously returned to the UK in February, where he met King Charles at Clarence House.

In a statement, they said: “Unfortunately, this will not be possible due to Her Majesty’s full schedule. The Duke, of course, understands his father’s diary of engagements and other priorities and hopes to see you soon.”

However, father and son were not reunited during Harry’s trip to the UK earlier this month. Harry returned to the UK for commitments related to the Invictus Games. A spokesman for Harry had said Charles was too busy to meet his son.

Contradictory reports suggest that the monarch offered to see his son, but Harry declined the offer. Sources claim that Charles offered to let Harry stay at a royal residence during the trip, but Harry decided to stay in a hotel. This suggestion was reportedly made because Charles knew that Harry no longer had an official residence in the United Kingdom.

Harry and Meghan previously resided at Frogmore Cottage, but were evicted last year. This lack of a permanent home in the UK may have increased tension between Harry and his father. The Sunday Times reported that Charles made the offer to house Harry, knowing that he would need a place to stay during his visit.

Upon his return to the United States, Harry’s behavior suggested the emotional toll of his brief visit to the United Kingdom and unresolved issues with his father. The trip to Nigeria with Meghan may have been intended to provide respite, but underlying tensions appear to remain.

Harry and Meghan continue to live their lives away from the royal family, focusing on their own projects and commitments. His recent trip to Nigeria was part of his ongoing efforts to address global issues and support various causes.

Despite the challenges and emotional strains, Harry remains committed to his work with the Invictus Games and other initiatives close to his heart. Meghan, as always, is by his side, supporting him through these turbulent times.

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