Home Life Style Prince Harry aims for new ‘title’ after cutting ties with UK and royal family

Prince Harry aims for new ‘title’ after cutting ties with UK and royal family

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Prince Harry aims for new 'title' after cutting ties with UK and royal family

Prince Harry’s recent formal declaration of the United States as his country of residence has sparked a flurry of speculation and interpretation among royal experts and commentators. This move was highlighted when Companies House revealed filings marking the United States as his new residence, a change dated June 29, 2023. Notably, this update coincided with the day King Charles requested that Harry and his wife, Meghan, will leave Frogmore Cottage, their residence. in the United Kingdom.

The discussion about this significant change in residency took a more speculative turn when Kinsey Schofield, a commentator who spoke to TalkTV, suggested that Prince Harry could be positioning himself as an “America’s Prince.” This comment underscores a perceived strategic shift on Harry’s part, aiming to forge a new role and identity away from his roots in the British Royal Family.

“…how defiantly he responded to that statement, he told Good Morning America in February that he considered becoming a U.S. citizen but that it wasn’t a top priority,” he explained, according to the daily express. “So while it is a change of direction in the documentation, the reality is that he still wants to be titled and wants to be considered the Duke of Sussex, the ‘Prince of America’ is the reality of it all.”

Regarding the importance of the date on the documents, the royal expert noted: “Well, I agree with other commentators that the date is significant. “This is, you know, another fit of anger from Prince Harry because if Prince Harry wanted to be a citizen of the United States, he certainly could go through the proper channels, but I don’t think he would want to,” he said.

This idea was further fueled by Prince Harry’s own statements during a February interview with “Good Morning America,” where he openly discussed the possibility of applying for U.S. citizenship. This admission seemed to confirm the seriousness of his long-term plans to integrate more deeply into American society, where he has resided since he left royal duties.

Harry’s decision to declare the United States as his new country of origin is a significant step for the Duke of Sussex, suggesting a definitive move away from his life as a royal in Britain. This statement is not just a change of direction; It is a symbol of his continuous transformation and adaptation to a different public and personal life, in cultural and social conditions very different from those in which he was born.

The move also raises questions about the future role Harry intends to play on the global stage. By aligning himself more closely with the United States, where his wife, Meghan, is from, Harry appears to be seeking a new base from which to engage with the world. His activities since he moved to the US have included various forms of charity work and media production, perhaps hinting at the kind of influence he hopes to wield.

Furthermore, the timing of the change of residence (the same day they were asked to leave Frogmore Cottage) adds a layer of complexity to the narrative. It suggests a shift both symbolic and practical, marking a clear step away from physical and institutional ties to the British monarchy.

As Harry continues to navigate his post-royal life, both his supporters and critics are watching his decisions with great interest. His actions not only reflect his personal choices, but also have broader implications for how modern royalty adapt and thrive outside of traditional roles. This latest move to officially call the United States his home could simply redefine what it means for him to be a prince in the 21st century, combining his royal heritage with his chosen future in the United States.

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