Home Life Style Prince Andrew plans to give the Royal Lodge to his daughters amid a dispute

Prince Andrew plans to give the Royal Lodge to his daughters amid a dispute

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Prince Andrew plans to give the Royal Lodge to his daughters amid a dispute

It has been revealed that Prince Andrew is planning changes to his royal residence amid ongoing discussions about vacating the property. The Duke of York, who currently resides at the Royal Lodge on the Windsor estate, is considering nominating his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, to take charge of the estate. The 30-bedroom property, valued at approximately £30 million, would pass to his heirs in the event of Andrew’s death.

These plans come as Andrew faces exile from public life due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein, the infamous child sex trafficker. Andrew was accused of sexually assaulting one of Epstein’s clients, leading to the loss of his military titles and a major public backlash.

According to reports daily expressThe Duke must “repair, renovate, maintain, clean and keep in repair and, where necessary, rebuild” the mansion and is required to “paint with at least two coats of paint and wallpaper, polish, decorate and otherwise appropriately” . treat.”

King Charles is reportedly urging his younger brother to leave the Crown Estate in an effort to minimize his public impact. Despite ongoing discussions, no formal decision has been made regarding Andrew’s residency at the Royal Lodge.

The Royal Lodge, a Grade II listed property, has been Andrew’s home for over two decades. It was initially granted a lease by the Crown Estate in 2003, but the Duke undertook extensive renovations, estimated to cost around £7.5 million. The property has significant sentimental value to Andrew and his daughters, making the current discussions particularly sensitive.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who maintain a low profile compared to other senior royals, are believed to support his father’s plans. The two sisters have always had a close bond with their father and consider the Royal Lodge their family home.

However, some see the decision to transfer residency to their daughters as a strategy to maintain control of the property amid increasing pressure from the Crown. King Charles’ push for Andrew to abandon the property It is part of a broader effort to streamline the monarchy and reduce the financial burden on taxpayers.

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