President hints Fox News PROHIBITED are MAGA supporters of their & # 39; Crazy Bernie & # 39; Pennsylvania city hall


Age on inauguration day: 51

Started race: 1 February 2019

Career: currently a New Jersey Senator. High school football player who went to Stanford or undergraduate and masters degrees before studying in Oxford as a Rhodes scholar and Yale Law School. Worked for advocacy and youth projects and successfully ran to Newark, New Jersey, City Council in 1998. Hardly any mayor elections in 2002 with claims that he & # 39; suburb & # 39; and & # 39; not black enough & # 39; used to be. Ran again in 2006 and won a landslide on a radical reform platform for a difficult city, including being tough on crime, cutting back on budget deficits, expanding affordable housing and tackling failing schools – controversially a huge gift from Mark Zuckerberg for the city. Ran for senate seat in New Jersey in 2013 special elections and won; won the full duration in 2014

Family: Unmarried but entertainment actress Rosario Dawson. Parents Cary and Carolyn were among IBM & # 39; s first black executives. Brother Cary Jr. is an educational advisor to the Democratic governor of New Jersey. If he didn't marry, he would be the first president to come as a single office since Grover Cleveland in 1885

Religion: Baptist

Views on important issues: self-proclaimed liberal. Endorses abortion rights; affirmative action; healthcare for one payer; criminal justice reform; path to citizenship for & # 39; dreamers; federal marijuana decriminalization; $ 15 minimum wage; but has also spoken against technical regulation and for reducing the deficit in the long term

Slogan: Together, America, We Will Rise


Age on inauguration day: 39

Started race: announced formation of reconnaissance committee January 23, 2019. Formal participation in race April 14, 2019

Career: currently mayor of Sound Bend, Indiana. Harvard grad and Rhodes scientist who received a second degree in Oxford before he worked as a McKinsey management consultant and was appointed as a Navy Reserve intelligence officer. Elected Mayor of South Bend in 2011 and served in the fight in 2013, won re-election in 2015

Family: Came out as gay during second mayor's run and married husband Chasten Glezman, a secondary school teacher in 2018. Parents were academics at the University of Notre Dame. Surname is pronounced as BOOT-edge-edge. Would be the first openly gay president, the youngest president and first veteran since George H.W. Bush

Religion: Episcopal

Positions on key issues: said that the Democratic party has a & # 39; new start & # 39; need; wrote an essay in honor of Bernie Sanders at the age of 17; paid paid parental leave for employees in the city; other policies unknown

Slogan: to be announced


Age on inauguration day: 46

Incoming race: January 12, 2018, at the demonstration in his native San Antonio, TX. An exploratory committee was formed two months earlier

Career: no current job. Stanford and Harvard graduated, a San Antonio, Texas, councilor at 26 and became mayor of the city in 2009. Was the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Obama's 2014-2016

Family: Married with a nine year old daughter, Carina, and a four year old son, Cristian. His identical twin Joaquin, who is a minute younger, is a Democratic congressman. Mother Maria del Rosario Castro was part of & # 39; radical & # 39; third party for Mexican Americans; father left his wife and five children for her, but they were never married. Would be the first Spanish-American president – announced his run in English and Spanish – and the very first American president with twins

Religion: Catholic

Views on important issues: want medicare for everyone; universal pre-K; promotion on affordable housing; will not take money from political action committees (PACs) associated with companies or trade unions. Other positions are still being announced

Slogan: One Nation. A destination


Age on inauguration day: 57

Used race: documents submitted on July 28, 2017

Career: no current job. Three times Maryland congressman, first election in 2012. Previously established, publicly traded companies that lend capital to healthcare and medium-sized companies and were the youngest CEO at the time of a listed publicly traded company in New York.

Family: Married father of four; woman April works for non-profit children's affairs

Religion: Catholic

Views on important issues: social liberal in favor of legalized management of pots and weapons, but not of health care for individual payers; fiscal conservative

Slogan: focus on the future


Age on inauguration day: 39

Incoming race: still to formally submit papers, but said she would run on January 11, 2019

Career: Currently a congressman from Hawaii. Born on American Samoa, a territory, and can therefore be subjected to questions about whether she was born naturally. Raised largely in Hawaii, she co-founded an environmental non-profit with her father as a teenager and was elected the legislature of the age of 21, her youngest member in history. Hired in the National Guard and served two journeys, one in Iraq 2004-2006, then as an officer in Kuwait in 2009. Ran for the Honolulu City Council in 2011, and the House of Representatives in 2012

Family: Married to her second husband, Abraham Williams, a cameraman since 2015. First marriage to childhood sweetheart Eduardo Tamayo in 2002 ended in 2006. Father Mike Gabbard is a democratic state governor of Hawaii, mother Carol Porter has a non-profit organization. Would be the first Samoan-American, first Hindu, first female and youngest president ever

Religion: Hindu

Views on important issues: Has apologized for opinions about abortion and gay marriage; wants marijuana federally legalized; unlike most US foreign interventions; supports $ 15 minimum wage and universal health care; was the second elected Democrat to meet Trump after his victory in 2016

Slogan: lead with love


Age on inauguration day: 54

Started race: announced reconnaissance committee at Stephen Colbert's CBS show on January 16, 2019. Formal launch for the Trump International Hotel and Tower, New York, March 24, 2019

Career: currently a New York senator. Dartmouth and UCLA law grad who was a high flying lawyer from Manhattan who represented large corporations. She says she was inspired to enter politics by hearing Hillary Clinton speak, although she is also the descendant of a prominent political family from the New York Democrats. Won the 20th district of New York, centered on Albany in 2004; appointed Hillary Clinton & seniors seat in 2008 and won the 2010- 63 special elections 63-35; won the first full term in 2012 and recognized 67-33 in 2018

Family: Married with British venture capitalist Jonathan Gillibrand with two sons, Theodore, 15 and Henry, ten. Father Douglas Lutnik was a Democratic lobbyist; Grandmother Polly Noonan was at the center of Albany's Democratic politics. Would be the first female president

Religion: Catholic

Views on important issues: initially pro-gun as a Congressman, has since turned around to be pro-gun control and also pro-immigration; said Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinsky had resigned and forced Al Franken from the Senate to dispute allegations; in favor of healthcare for one-payer and Medicare for everyone

Slogan: Brave victories


Age on inauguration day: 56

Incoming race: announced that they were January 21, 2018 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day – on Good Morning America. Formal participation in race January 27

Career: currently a California senator. Howard and U.C. Hunter law school grad who worked as a prosecutor in Alameda County, CA, then at the San Francisco office before being elected to San Francisco DA in 2003 and used it as a springboard to become successful for the Attorney General of California in 2010. Again in 2014 and was at the center of the US Attorney General and Supreme Court speculation, but also endured a series of controversies, including over allegations of police brutality. Ran for the Senate in 2016 and settled on liberal party wing

Family: born in Berkeley, California, to immigrant Indian Tamil mother and Jamaican father, both academics and raised from seven to eighteen in Montreal, Canada. Date married San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown when he was 60 and she was 29. Married lawyer Douglas Emhoff in 2014 and has two stepchildren; Cole, an aspiring actor, and Ella, an art and design student. Sister Maya was an adviser to Hillary Clinton and brother-in-law Tony West is Uber & # 39; s chief legal adviser. First female, first Indian, first Jamaican America and first female black president

Views on important issues: ultra-liberal social, criticizing & # 39; identity policy & # 39; has rejected and runs without an action committee for political action, making it dependent on small donors. Has been shifted to criminal justice reform; supports Medicare for everyone; pro-gun control and anti-death penalty; says that illegal immigration is a civil not a criminal offense

Religion: said it was raised in both the Baptist and Hindu traditions

Slogan: Kamala Harris: For The People


Age on inauguration day: 68

Started race: March 4, 2019 with an interview with Good Morning America

Career: no current job. Wesleyan-university-trained geologist who moved to Colorado to work in the petroleum industry, but was fired and started Wynkoop Brewing Company, the first artisanal brewpub in 1988 in the LoDo (lower center) area of ​​Denver. Ran for mayor of Denver as an outsider in 2003 and won, then won a second term in 2007. Ran for Colorado governor in 2010 and won 51 percent of the vote; his closest rival cost 36.5 percent. Won re-election 49.3 to 46 in 2014, but was limited in function and ended his second term in January 2019

Family: Married to second wife Robin Pringle, 40, a vice president at LibertyMedia Corp., owners of Sirius XM. Divorced first wife Helen Thorpe in 2012 after 10 years of marriage; ex-couple have son Teddy, a student in high school. He was born and raised in Narbeth, on Philadelphia's main street. His father's ancestors are, for example, Andrew Warwick General Andrew Hickenlooper

Religion: Quaker

Views on important issues: driven support for Green New Deal, but also favors fracking; has not embraced healthcare for single-payers, but has expanded Medicaid in Colorado; long track record as pro-gun control; pro-choice but did his best to talk about reducing unplanned teenage pregnancies; against the death penalty; advocates for same-sex marriage

Slogan: to be announced


Age on inauguration day: 69

Started race: March 1, 2019

Career: currently Governor of Washington. Stanford drop out who graduated from the University of Washington and Williamette University School of Law before working as a city prosecutor in Selah, WA. First election at the Washington House of Representatives in 1989 and again in 1990; won the seat of Congress in the 1992 elections but lost in 1994 and then failed the 1996 gubernatorial run. Returned to Congress in the 1998 elections and continued to run for the governor until 2012. First term won 51.5 to 48.5; re-elected in 2016 by 54.4 to 45.6

Family: Born in Seattle to the late parents Frank, a marine veteran and high school teacher and coach, and Adele, a Sears sales representative. Married Trudi since high school and college since 1972. Three adult sons Jack, a radio producer in Washington D.C.; Connor, director of a non-profit state of Washington for the disabled; and Joe, who works for King County, WA's Natural Resources and Parks Department. Grandfather of three

Religion: non-denominational Protestant

Visions of key issues: running to combat climate change with praise for the green Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez New Deal – his track record in Washington DC, including his commitment to & # 39; zero emission & # 39; buildings and largely eliminating the use of fossil fuels; vocal gun control lawyer; fought Trump & # 39; s ban on access to people from seven Muslim-majority countries; mentioned a moratorium on the death penalty in Washington; supported legalization of marijuana in Washington and is expected to do so federally; will not take money from political action committees; position in healthcare is still unclear

Slogan: Our moment


Age on inauguration day: 60

Incoming race: Announced on February 10, 2019 at a snowy rally in her hometown of Minneapolis

Career: currently a senator from Minnesota. Yale and graduated from the University of Chicago, who became a corporate lawyer. First failed for office in 1994 as Hennepin, MI, county attorney, and won the same race in 1998, then in 2002, without opposition. Ran for senate in 2006 and won 58-38; re-elected in 2012 and 2018

Family: Married to John Bessler, lecturer in law at the University of Baltimore and expert on the death penalty. Daughter Abigail Bessler, 23, works for a Democratic member of the New York City Council. Father Jim, 90, was a former columnist who wrote a memoir about how his alcoholism injured his family; Mom Rose is a retired primary school teacher. Would be the first female president

Religion: Congregationalist (United Church of Christ)

Views on important issues: seen as a regular liberal: says they & # 39; universal healthcare & # 39; wants but has not explained how; pro-gun control; pro-choice; supports $ 15 minimum wage; no public statements about federal marijuana legalization; has supported the pro-Israeli law prohibiting the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement; spoke out against the abolition of ICE

Slogan: to be announced


Age on inauguration day: 46

Started race: announced on March 28, 2019, official launch on March 30, 2019

Career: currently mayor of Miramar, Florida. Florida State University football player who played starting broad receiver, and graduated in 1997. Worked in the construction industry as a contractor and started his own company in 2007. Ran for City of Miramar Commission in 2011 and Mayor in 2015, beating 16-year-old Democratic incumbent and become the city's first black mayor. Won second term March 2019, days before announcing presidential offer

Family: married to college sweetheart Angela Sands, 44, who is also his business partner. Three children from college: son Wayne Jr. and twin daughters Kayla and Kyla. Fourth child and first American born child of Jamaican immigrants Hubert, a sugar cane cutter, and his wife Delsey, who both died. Was president of the National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials in 2018. Would be the first president of Jamaica

Religion: worship at the Fountain of New Life church in Miami Gardens, where he is a deacon

Views on important issues: he is an advocate of arms control. He wants to take action in the field of climate change and is opposed to offshore oil drilling. Opposes Trump's immigration policy and proposes to force immigration officials to get a warrant before entering town property. But to formulate the views on health care and foreign policy

Slogan: your champion


Age on inauguration day: 47

Started race: March 14, 2019

Career: no current job. Born Robert Francis O & # 39; Rourke. Boarding-school educated Columbia grad who lived in a New York loft, played in a punk band and performed disorientation and started an internet company. Ran for the El Paso City Council in 2005, win re-election and serve until 2012. Ran for Congress in 2012, beating eight-term Democratic incumbent in the primary. Gave place in Senate against Ted Cruz in 2018, lost 51-48

Family: Married with wife Amy Sanders, nine years younger, with sons Ulysses and Henry, and daughter Molly. Father Pat had long been an El Paso politician who switched from Democrat to Republican; mother Melissa ran a family business in the city until she sold it after the IRS probe. Melissa & # 39; s stepfather Fred Korth was one of JFK & # 39; s secretaries of the Navy. Father-in-law William Saunders is a real estate developer worth an estimated $ 500 million

Religion: Catholic

Views on key issues: want comprehensive immigration reforms to give citizenship to & # 39; dreamers & # 39; and a way there for their parents, and is strongly opposed to the wall of Trump. Supports federal marijuana legalization. Pro-gun control including an assault rifle ban and universal background checks. Supports health care for one payer but with co-payment and has supported Medicaid expansion. Strong pro-choice. Has hinted that he will eliminate tech giants. He said that if he had had the chance, he would have voted for Congress in Congress

Slogan: to be announced


Age on inauguration day: 46

Started race: April 4, 2019

Career: Currently a congressman from Ohio. A high school football player who received a scholarship to Youngstown State, Ohio, but was transferred to nearby Bowling Green University when his career ended in an injury. Became a congress assistant, graduated in law, then served in the Ohio Senate, and when his former landlord Jim Traficant went to jail for fraud, he ran for his seat in 2002 and won. Has held district – first Ohio 13th then 17th when Youngstown was redistributed – since with little opposition since then. Published book about meditation in 2012 and considered running into Nancy Pelosi for minority leaders. Only second sitting congressman would be elected president – the first was James Garfield, also from Ohio, in 1880

Family: Married first class teacher Andrea Zetts in 2013. The following year, Koppel had a son, Brady. Zetts has a daughter, Bella, and a son, Mason, from her first marriage, who Ryan says he & # 39; loves just as much as his & # 39 ;. Ryan & # 39; s first marriage ended in divorce. He was raised by his mother Rochelle after she and his father Allen were divorced when he was seven.

Religion: Catholic

Positions on important issues: moderate who supports Medicare for everyone. Turned dramatically from anti-abortion to pro-choice in 2015. Does not look like the Green New Deal, but suggests a CO2 tax. Spoken for capitalism but is also pro-union. Advocated for mindfulness education in classrooms. Also the control of the gun from A-rating by NRA to powerful support of anti-gun measures enabled

Slogan: to be announced


Age on inauguration day: 79

Started race: sources said on January 25, 2019 that he would form a reconnaissance commission. Officially announced on February 19

Career: currently Senator of Vermont. Civil rights of students and anti-Vietnam activist who moved to Vermont and worked as a carpenter and radical filmmaker. Seriously failed political candidate in the 1970s, ran as a socialist for mayor of Burlington in 1980 and served two terms that ended in 1989, and won a seat in Congress as independent in 1990. Ran for Senate in 2006 elections as independent with Democratic approval and won third term in 2018. Challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016 but lost. Campaign has since been struck by accusations of sexual harassment – for which he has apologized – and criticized for the culture & # 39; Bernie bro & # 39;

Family: Born by a Jewish immigrant father and the daughter of Jewish immigrant parents in Brooklyn, New York. First marriage to college sweetheart Deboarah Shiling Messing in 1964 ended in 1966 in divorce; had son Levi in ​​1969 with then girlfriend Susan Cambell Mott. Married Jone O & Meara in 1988 and considers her three children, all adults, his. The couple has seven grandchildren. His older brother Larry is a former Green Party councilor in Oxfordshire, England. Would be the first Jewish president

Religion: secular Jewish

Views on important issues: open socialist and standard bearer for the left-wing turn of the Democratic Party. Want federal $ 15 minimum wage; broken benches; membership of the union encouraged; free tuition fees; universal healthcare; redistribution tax; he opposed the war in Iraq and also with the US as leader of the fight against IS and wants troops largely from Afghanistan and the Middle East

Slogan: not me. U.S.


Age on inauguration day: 39

Started race: announced at the Stephen Colbert Show, April 8, 2019

Career: university football scientist whose sports career was ended by an injury that was a trainee in Capitol Hill on 9/11 in the building. Graduated from the University of Maryland, served as a prosecutor in Alameda County, CA, where Kamala Harris previously worked. He was elected to the Dublin, CA City Council in 2010 and ran the following year for Congress in the 15th district of California, displacing the sitting 20-seat Democrat by California's top-two # 39; system. Number 6 on the 50 most beautiful list of the hill in 2014. Fourth term won 73-27 in 2018. Only second sitting congressman would be elected president – first was James Garfield in 1880

Family: Married second wife Brittany Ann Watts, sales director of Ritz-Carlton in 2016, and has a son Nelson and daughter Kathryn. The first marriage with Melissa Maranda ended in divorce. Born in Iowa, where his father was a police chief fired because he was too hard, and raised in California, where the family moved in search of work

Religion: Christian

Views on important issues: social ultra-liberal. Called for mandatory buy-back of & # 39; semi-automatic assault weapons in military style & # 39; and other measures to combat weapons. Supporting the green new deal, but with a new job guarantee for employees in fossil fuels. Wishes & # 39; Healthcare Guarantee & # 39; instead of Medicare for everyone. Aggressive voice for Trump research.

Slogan: Go big. Be brave. Doing well.


Age on inauguration day: 71

Started race: set up an orientation committee on December 31, 2018

Career: currently a senator from Massachusetts. Legal teacher and academic who became an expert on bankruptcy law and appointed professor in Harvard. Ran for Senate and won in 2012, beating incumbent Scott Brown, it held 60% to 36% in 2018. Is on the shortlist as a running buddy of Hillary and has campaigned hard for her in 2016

Family: mother of two married twice and grandmother of three. The first husband and father of her children was her high school sweetheart. Second man Bruce Mann is a professor of law at Harvard. Daughter Amelia Tyagi and son Alex Warren have both been involved in her campaigns. Has controversially claimed native American roots; DNA test suggested that she is as small as 1,064th Native American. Would be the first female president

Religion: exalted methodist, now described as a Christian without a fixed church

Positions on Major Issues: Was a registered republican who voted for the party but was registered as a democrat in 1996. Pro: higher taxes on the rich; bank regulation; Dream Act path to citizenship for & # 39; dreamers & # 39 ;; abortion and gay rights; limitation of campaign financing; and expansion of public health services – although still to describe exactly how that would happen. Against: American presence in Afghanistan and Syria; liberalization of games of chance

Slogan: to be announced


Age on inauguration day: 68

Started race: announced reconnaissance committee 15 November 2018. Formally registered on 28 January 2019

Career: Currently, an author, waved goodbye from Pomona College, California, has become part of the counterculture and anti-war movement and has led a & # 39; metaphysical bookstore & # 39; before he published spiritual guide A Return to Love and was praised by Oprah, who sent it to the number one. Published series of follow-ups and established AIDS charity and then more non-profit organizations, including a peace movement. Ran for Congress in 2014 and lost

Family: Born with immigration lawyer, father Sam and housewife, mother Sophie in Houston, Texas. Married for & # 39; a minute and a half & # 39; unnamed man; daughter India was born in 1990, but Williamson refuses to name her father. Would be the first female president

Religion: Jewish

Positions on important issues: wants a huge expansion of physical and mental health care; and nutritional and lifestyle reforms, including the prohibition of the processing of processed and sugary foods on children; universal pre-K; many of the Green New Deal proposals, including a charred economy, electric cars and rebuilding mass transit; control of weapons by licenses; want more vacation time; pro decriminalizing all drugs

Slogan: Join the evolution


Age on inauguration day: 46

Started race: Filed papers November 6, 2018

Career: no current job. Started a dotcom-flop and subsequently became a health and education technology implementer who set up a non-profit company for America

Family: Married father of two. His parents were both immigrants from Taiwan who met at the University of California, Berkeley, as graduates. Would be the first Asian-American president

Religion: reformed church

Views on important issues: warns of the rise of robots and artificial intelligence, wants $ 1,000 a month for a universal basic income and regulated social media. Spoke against male circumcision. Want a supervisor on & # 39; fake news & # 39 ;.

Slogan: humanity first


RICHARD OJEDA. West Virginia is a former senator and parachutist veteran

Incoming race: November 12, 2018. Leave: January 25, 2019