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Preparing for the end of ‘The Last of Us’? Here’s our guide to the key moments of the season.

An adaptation of an acclaimed video game, HBO’s “The Last of Us” has managed to do what once seemed impossible: expand a beloved story into a series that appeases longtime fans and engages new viewers.

The post-apocalyptic survival drama is set in a world that has been devastated by an outbreak of a mutant cordyceps fungus that transforms humans into mindless and terrifying monsters. The series follows Joel (Pedro Pascal), a survivor still mourning his greatest loss since the day everything changed, and Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a teenager born into this dangerous world who may hold the key. to save it.

Created by “Chernobyl”‘s Craig Mazin and Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann, the creative director of the original game, “The Last of Us” has been hailed as “a gripping story of survival because it leaves ample room for savagery and love, despair and disinterest”. .” At times, the series is so faithful to the original game that it recreates scenes almost shot-for-shot. But it has also played to the strengths of television, tweaking details both big and small to tell a better story. The creators of “The Last of Us” break down key aspects of the series in the coverage below.