Prepare for the Wonderlic Test for Nursing Program

What are the chances that you will get enrolled in a nursing program? Well, this is one of the bothersome questions that even the most motivated students find difficult to answer. It is particularly true when there are thousands of people applying for the program. 

Besides having a good grade is helpful, you must be willing to take a Wonderlic test. What does it entail? What is the best score for a nurse? How can you prepare accordingly? Well, read on for the answers. 

Defining the Wonderlic Test

A Wonderlic test is a type of an intelligence test designed to assess your ability to solve problems, engage in critical thinking, adapt, and learn among other things. You are required to answer 50 questions within 12 minutes.

For every question answered correctly, you will earn one point. If you are exceptionally intelligent, you will answer all the questions correctly and get a score of 50.

Many institutions do not expect to answer all questions correctly. Instead, they set a lower score depending on the availability of the slots in a program. More often than not, a score of 23 is accepted. This is the average score for the nursing students. 

The following figure gives you an idea of the scoring in a Wonderlic test

Wonderlic test


The figure shows that students who answer 27 questions correctly are accepted in the program. Others fall into cautionary and not recommended brackets. 

The Wonderlic Test and Nursing 

Most of the nursing programs in the United States require students to go through a Wonderlic test before being enrolled in a program. The programs may use the following versions of the test:

  • Scholastic Level Exam 

The cognitive ability test is specifically given to academic institutions to help them make enrollment decisions. This is different from the traditional Wonderlic test because the questions asked are relevant to a learning program. 

The traditional Wonderlic test focuses on general skills and is mainly used in the corporate world to select candidates. Most institutions prefer to use scholastic level exam because there is a strong correlation between the test and a learner’s future GPA. 

Notably, the student may be required to take a pretest. It has 30 questions instead of 50. They must be completed within 8 minutes instead of 12. It is normally offered online and as such, the student can complete it conveniently. 

Henceforth, the student will be required to take the main test of 50 questions. This can be administered on a computer or on paper. An administrator or supervisor must be present in this process. It is also worth noting that distant learners can also take the exams under strict supervision.

  • Wonderlic Basic Skills Test 

This test measures the learner’s verbal and quantitative skills. Some of the verbal skills measured include: 

  1. Sentence construction. 
  2. Information retrieval. 
  3. Grammar and spelling.
  4. Word knowledge among others. 

In regards to quantitative skills, the student should have mastered:

  1. Explicit skills. 
  2. Applied skills.
  3. Interpretive skills.

It is important that you research on the type of test that an institution is likely to administer during enrollment. Doing so will give you a chance to prepare accordingly. Still, you must be aware of the different nursing programs that require you to take a Wonderlic test. They are:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

The professional provides basic care to disabled and elderly patients. They are expected to report to registered nurses, licensed practical nurses or licensed vocational nurses. Community colleges, technical schools, and vocational colleges offer the program. 

  • Licensed Practical Nurse/ Licensed Vocational Nurse

Enrolling in this program gives you a chance to offer basic medical care to all patients. A physician’s supervision is required. You should complete an accredited practical nursing program from a technical or community college. It takes at least one year.

  • Registered Nurse

The scope of practice for the registered nurses is wide in that they can administer medication, create treatment plan, and do a diagnostic test. To qualify, you can complete a bachelor of science in nursing or a diploma from an approved program. You can also take an associate degree. 

The Wonderlic test is developed based on the program that you are enrolling in. This is because the level of skills needed may differ. This may necessitate that you take more than one test as you advance through the educational levels. 

In any case, you will be required to take the test when finding a job in the field. You must, therefore, start to prepare well to get a good score at time. This involves:

  • Reading Extensively 

Most of the questions asked in Wonderlic test can be found in a study guide. Purchase it online and start to go over the basic skills in mathematics and language. Go over some of the words associated with nursing and master the grammar. It is also worthwhile trying the basic algebra problems or you can look for online algebra class help to improve your skills.

Good study materials are defined by a number of aspects. They are:


  1. You should get online interactive questions. This means that you do not have to waste time downloading the materials or reading through lengthy materials. The information should be offered in a simple manner. 
  2. The answers should be clear. Sufficient explanation must be offered. This way, you will not be tempted to memorize the content but instead and understand it. Chances of thriving in the test will be higher in this case. 
  3. You should get support services in case you have concerns or in need of more materials. You must also get hundreds of questions. Different versions of the same question should be offered. 
  • Learning to Time Yourself 

One of the biggest enemies in your process of taking a Wonderlic test is time. The clock does not stop ticking just because you are thinking of an answer. The tests are designed to assess what is at your fingertips.

 Therefore, it is important to practice timing yourself. This means that you should handle 50 questions within twelve minutes.  Take as many tests as possible for the best outcomes.  

  • Talking To Other Students 

You should find other students who have been through the tests and passed to guide you. Ask them the type of questions that they answered so that you can cover them in your study. It is also important to find out the manner in which the test was administered. 

  • Being Confident During the Test 

It does not add anything to you to worry about the score during the test. You will end up forgetting all the information you have learnt over the years and during the preparation period. 

Have confidence that you will thrive in the test. If anything, the questions are designed for students just like you. Endeavour to remain calm, confident, and bold enough to answer the questions.  

  • Knowing the Tricks and Tips of Doing the Tests

There are tips that other students have used and scored well in Wonderlic tests. They are:

  1. You must always attempt the questions even when you are not sure of the answers. This may be the answer that helps you boost your score. This tip is best suited for the multiple choice questions. 
  2. You must not give in to the temptation of dwelling so much on one question. Remember that you only have 12 minutes to complete the test. Go on to the next question as you think of the answer to the difficult ones. 
  3. Do not attempt cheating. Carrying along a study material to use during the exams will only limit your chances of being enrolled in your college of choice. The most ideal path is to study in advance. 


  • Take Care of Your Health Before and On the Big Day

Many students forget to eat or sleep before taking a test. This does not work on their favor. You must take good meals before taking the test so that you have the energy needed in the process. 

Also, taking a lot of water and exercising will eliminate the anxiety and stress that accumulates in such moments. You must sleep for at least 6 hours. 

When Do You Get Your Results? 

Having done your Wonderlic test, the next thing that you would want is to know how you scored. However, you are unlikely to get the results. Most institutions prefer to keep the information confidential. This is because:


  1. It helps to eliminate the unproductive debates on the learners who scored highly and those who did not do well. 
  2. The scores will help private colleges to make critical decisions on enrollment programs. Availing the information to the public may limit an institution’s competitive advantage.  

Given this, you should wait for the institution to communicate on whether you have passed the tests.

In Summary

Wonderlic tests are designed to help institutions in their enrollment programs. You are likely to achieve a good score if you prepare well. This entails finding the right study materials, taking tests, consulting, and having confidence as you take the test.