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Pregnant woman airlifted from Disney cruise ship in heartbreaking video

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Pregnant woman airlifted from Disney cruise ship in heartbreaking video

On April 15, a pregnant passenger aboard the Disney Fantasy cruise ship was airlifted to safety after experiencing serious health complications. The ship was sailing 180 miles northwest of Puerto Rico in the Atlantic Ocean when the medical situation escalated, requiring immediate medical attention beyond what could be provided on board.

The US Coast Guard issued a Press release on April 16 detailing the operation. According to its statement, the Coast Guard was alerted to the emergency early in the morning when the Disney Fantasy was approximately 260 nautical miles northwest of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

The ship’s medical team determined that the passenger required a higher level of care, which led them to request an emergency medical evacuation (medevac). A dramatic video captured the tense moments of the rescue. Footage shows the crew of a Coast Guard MH-60T Jayhawk helicopter performing medical evacuation.

In the video, a rescue swimmer is lowered by rope to the deck of the cruise ship, where he joins efforts to stabilize and prepare the pregnant woman for air transport. At least seven crew members are seen in the video carefully transferring the woman to a stretcher and rescue basket. The Coast Guard rescue swimmer and the ship’s doctor were loaded onto the helicopter with the patient in a meticulously coordinated operation, he said. daily mail.

Upon reaching land, the patient was quickly transported to local emergency medical services waiting at the Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was then taken to the Medical Center Hospital for further treatment, ensuring that she received the necessary medical care.

The rescue operation highlighted the critical importance of rapid and skilled response in maritime emergencies. The lieutenant commander. Todd Stephens of the U.S. Coast Guard praised the efficiency and safety of the execution and emphasized that the mission’s success was a testament to the crew’s excellent resource management and the advanced capabilities of its Jayhawk helicopter. .

Ensign Michael Riccio, Coast Guard Sector San Juan operations unit leader, also praised the professionalism and competence displayed by both the Disney Fantasy team and the Coast Guard personnel involved, which he said noted, was critical to the successful outcome of this high-risk emergency. This incident not only highlights the challenges of medical emergencies at sea, but also demonstrates the vital role of coordinated rescue efforts between ship crews and the Coast Guard in safeguarding lives in critical situations.

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