Prediction of the winner of the Brazil vs Croatia match

Al Jazeera’s AI robot Kashef crunched the numbers to predict today’s game.

Al Jazeera’s AI forecaster Kashef has shown the naysayers wrong, with an impressive performance over the past 16.

Kashef was not kind to Kashef on the group stage. He was overwhelmed by all the setbacks. Kashef was able to correctly predict seven of the eight matches in the 16th place.

Kashef was unable to predict Morocco’s win over Spain. However, he will be satisfied with his 87.5 per cent accuracy record in the previous 16.

Kashef supports Brazil for victory

Kashef is conservative in many ways but his numbers speak for them.

He supports Brazil today, the world’s number one team, against a hardworking Croatia.


The most interesting thing about Kashef’s support for Brazil is its certainty.

These predictions were based on more than 200 stats, such as wins, goals, FIFA rankings, and other statistics, derived from matches played over the last century.

Despite losing to Russia 2018, Croatia was able to show time and again that they are capable of beating anyone.

Kashef really stood out with a profit prediction of 70%.

Interactive - World Cup - Head To Head - Morocco V Spain
Brazil holds a head-to–head record of three wins and a draw (Al Jazeera).

Who will win? World Cup?

After 56 matches World Cup, Kashef has a level of accuracy of 68 percent. After Kashef runs the model once more for each match to predict the outcome of each match up to the final.

Predicting match outcomes is not an easy task. External factors like team morale and player fitness can make a huge difference in how the game unfolds.

Play our AI game to see if you can outsmart Kashef.

Interactive-Kashef-Prediction-December 6-Portugal

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