Pre-saving albums on Spotify gives record labels alarming amounts of data and control

Pre-storing albums on Spotify can give music labels access to personal user data such as e-mail addresses and playlists, according to Billboard report. It also allows labels to manage who users follow, delete, or stream songs from their libraries and stream Spotify on other users' devices.


Spotify users can pre-save upcoming releases to add the album to their libraries as it becomes available. Users must click and approve to give the labels access to do this, but labels get much more access than the only permission they need, namely to add or remove items from your library.

Users using the Chris Brown number & # 39; No Guidance & # 39; tried to save in advance, Sony Music asked to allow the label access to & # 39; upload images to customize your profile or playlist cover & # 39; and & # 39; manage who you are following on Spotify & # 39; . "Users may not have known what they agree with because the permissions were hidden under countless & # 39; s submenus.

Sony Music turned out to demand the most rights, with 16 more than necessary. Universal Music Group usually asked for about ten additional rights, including asking for the user's date of birth. Warner Music Group also asked for about 10 additional permissions, such as in his campaign for Noel Gallagher & # 39; s Black Star Dancing EP, when it asked for complete control over private playlists.

Although Spotify and the labels technically do not violate any laws, it is another sign that users should be more careful with the fine print when giving third parties access to their data.

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