Powerball jackpots up to $ 50MILLION on Thursdays – the biggest Australian lottery in seven months


Get your numbers fast! Powerball Jackpots Up To $ 50MILLION Thursday Night – As Gamblers Reveal What They Would Do With Their Winnings

  • Australians have the chance to win $ 50 million in the next Powerball jackpot
  • A maximum of 1 in 6 adults is expected to participate in the Thursday night draw
  • The prize equals the highest of an Australian lottery game since September
  • Research from The Lott has revealed how Aussies would spend their winnings

More than three million Australians cross their fingers on Thursday night as the equally large lottery draw kicks off in seven months.

The massive $ 50 million Powerball jackpot will be drawn at 8:30 pm AEST and registrations close one hour before the results.

Powerball, and basically a lottery, hasn’t been bigger since September and equates to three draws in the past two months – two won by one person.

Australian Powerball has won $ 50 million for Thursday night’s draw – giving Aussies the chance to become an instant multi-millionaire

While getting excited for this and future draws, Australians revealed what they would spend the huge windfall on if they were just as lucky.

They thought about how much they would like to win, what would bring them the best luck, and how their lives could change if they hit a lottery prize.

More than a third of players (37 percent) stated that a $ 1 million lottery prize would be enough to make their dreams come true, while another 36 percent raised the bar and said a $ 5 million prize would succeed, study by The Lott.

Just over a quarter (27 percent) admitted their ideal lottery winnings should be at least $ 10 million, with four percent of those who shared their dreams having a prize tag of $ 50 million and more.

Up to one in six Australians is expected to have a ticket for Powerball 1300 draw on Thursday

Up to one in six Australians is expected to have a ticket for Powerball 1300 draw on Thursday

Australians remain a generous group, with 71 percent saying that sharing their winnings with family and friends would bring them the best luck.

About 34 percent said it would also bring them joy to donate to charity.

While international travel has not been on the map lately, Australia’s wanderlust remains strong.

Traveling and spending more time with family and friends were the two main lifestyle changes the winners wanted to make.

Lauren Cooney of de Lott said one in six Australian adults is expected to participate in Thursday’s drawing.

So far this year, Powerball has welcomed four Division One winners – two from Queensland and two from NSW. Together, these fantastic four have raised $ 120 million, ”she said.

The prize equals the largest offering of an Australian lottery game since September last year

The prize equals the largest offering of an Australian lottery game since September last year

Ms. Cooney said she had two tips for anyone who would like the chance to become the next Powerball multi-millionaire.

“Regardless of your dreams, in order to realize them with a Powerball prize of $ 50 million, you need to have an entry in your hand before the draw ends,” she said.

Second, make sure to register your participation on a player card or online account. Once your numbers are drawn, you want to know as soon as possible that you are a multi-millionaire.

“By registering your entry, your prize is safe and we can contact you shortly after the draw with the winning news.”

In 2020, more than 111.6 million winners took home more than $ 3.33 billion in prize money from their favorite games at The Lott.

Last fiscal year, Australia’s official lotteries contributed more than $ 1.4 billion through state lottery taxes and donations to aid community initiatives such as hospitals, health research, disaster relief and education.