Power Stop Brake Kit Buying Guide & Reviews

Power Stop is one of the top names in brakes for cars and trucks. If you want to upgrade your braking performance, you may find quite a few Power Stop kits on the lists of best products. However, if you are new to buying brakes, you may have a little difficulty navigating your way through all the options. The following information will help you find the right Power Stop brake kit for you.

What Is a Brake Kit?

First, it is worth understanding what a brake kit actually is. Essentially, a brake kit is a set of everything you need to upgrade your brakes. This includes rotors, brake pads, calipers (usually) and the various supporting items.

Sometimes people buy new brake kits simply because their brakes are worn and need to be replaced. Other times, they may choose a new brake kit because they want an upgrade. Power Stop brake kits fit into this second category. They are aftermarket performance brake kits for trucks and cars. Even the most entry-level option provides an upgrade over many stock brakes.

What To Consider

When you are choosing your brake kits, you need to think about a few key factors. This will help you find the right option for your needs:

  • Braking Power: There are a lot of elements that go into braking power. Larger brakes can get more grip. Additionally, special components and more powerful calipers can help. Furthermore, brakes that are designed to dissipate heat better will offer more braking power even after multiple hard brakes (such as in a racing or careful towing situation).
  • Ease of Installation: Not all brake kits are made equal. Some offer a lot of great features and performance but require overly complex installation processes. Big brake kits are particularly difficult to install because of the space required. However, if you are feeling confident, you should absolutely go big with your kit.
  • Budget: Of course, we all have to deal with the realities of life. You may want that top-of-the-line brake kit but only be able to afford something more modestly priced. Fortunately, Power Stop has a lot of options.

Top Power Stop Brake Kits

As mentioned above, Power Stop makes some excellent brake kits. These are some noteworthy ones:

  • Z36 Truck & Tow: This series of kits is designed for trucks and towing, as the name implies. It is a great upgrade to braking performance. If you need to slow down your truck with a load behind it, this is a good option.
  • Z23 Evolution: Check out any Power Stop Z23 Evolution brake kits review and you will see that people love these kits. On AutoAnything, the kits have an almost perfect rating with thousands of reviews. This is a great option for ultimate performance.
  • Z26 Extreme Street Warrior: As the name suggests, this brake kit series is mostly designed for street driving. It can be great for anyone who likes to have a little fun on the roads.

Upgrade Your Brakes Today

Order a new Power Stop brake kit today. You’ll be glad you chose one of the best brands on the market.