Portland officials say attacks on electrical substations across the state were deliberate

Officials claim that the attacks on Portland’s substations were premeditated. Other states are also on ‘high alert’ following Washington and North Carolina being targeted. 

Officials stated that the attacks on Portland General Electric and Bonneville Power Administration, Clackamas County, were carried out in November, which included Thanksgiving. The Cowlitz County Public Utility District, Washington was also targeted.

The attacks came as other states reported similar incidents, including North Carolina where the FBI currently investigates if a dragshow was the target.

Doug Johnson, spokesperson for the BPA, stated that he had confirmed that there was malicious intent. It was not accidental. KATU news. 

Officials reveal that two Portland substations of the electrical grid were targeted in an attack last month. This was in addition to other attacks being reported by other states. Pictured: A PGE Transformer 

Power Stations In A Number Of Us States Have Been Threatened Or Targeted For Attacks In Recent Weeks, Prompting American Law Enforcement To Warn Citizens About A Need To Secure The Power Grid

Recent attacks on power stations in a variety of US states have made it clear that the United States government is committed to protecting the power grid.

' Doug Johnson, A Bpa Spokesperson, Confirmed The Attacks Were Intentional

Doug Johnson, spokesperson for the BPA, confirmed that the attacks were deliberate 

From January to August this year, 106 attacks on America’s electrical grid were reported. According to the FBI, there have been nearly 600 attacks on the electrical grid since 2014. NBC.  

BPA has increased security measures in order to prevent further attacks.  They were able, on the same day, to restore power to their customers.

Johnson stated that Johnson had increased security around substations in this area as a precautionary measure to increase that which is normal.

Johnson previously stated that the BPA is working with FBI on the incident. Johnson also encouraged other utilities to increase their vigilance, and report any suspicious or similar activity back to law enforcement. 

Although the FBI did not confirm or deny that it was investigating the attacks, the companies stated they were cooperating with a federal investigation. 

The Department of Homeland Security has warned about the dangers to the US’s electric infrastructure as attacks have increased across the country.

In November, there were also attacks on Washington’s electrical infrastructures. 

Two substations of Cowlitz County Public Utility District and Puget Sound Energy were vandalized. 

Gerald Tracy, Puget Sound Energy’s media engagement program manager, stated that he could not comment on the incidents as they were both under FBI investigation.

Federal law enforcement memos revealed that substations in the Pacific Northwest described attacks using “handtools and arson,” firearms and metal chains, possibly in response to an internet call for attacks on critical infrastructure. 

“In recent attacks, criminal actors bypassed security fencing by cutting the fence link, lighting nearby fires and shooting equipment from afar or throwing objects over fence and onto equipment,” reads the memo.

A Duke Energy Employee Works To Repair The Damage At The Moore County Substation In North Carolina

A Duke Energy employee works at the Moore County substation, North Carolina to repair the damage. 

The FBI is investigating whether two attacks on an electrical substation were made to cut off power to a drag queen event. 

A North Carolina LGBTQ organization had set up a drag act at the Sunrise Theater of Southern Pines on Saturday night, just as the electric facilities were attacked with gunfire around 7pm. 

Officials declared a state emergency after 32,000 residents of the southeast were without power from Thursday to Thursday. 

Investigators are currently trying to determine if the targeted attack was a result of the backlash that the 18-year-old show received in the lead up to the performance. 

The organizers of the drag event revealed that right-wing activists had attempted to stop it for weeks. The Saturday event was held in response to these threats. 

The exact number of shots fired at the two electrical facilities is unknown. There have been no arrests. 

The two stations that were damaged are located approximately 20 minutes apart in West End and Carthage. 

The Sunrise Theater’s drag performance was cut short at 8.30pm when show throwers realized that the power would not come back on. 

A spokesperson for Duke Energy told The Washington Post that damage to one area of the facilities was ‘beyond repair’. 

On Thursday, power was officially restored to customers. 

A Worker Inspects One Of Three 'Bullet Holes' That Crippled The North Carolina Substation

A worker inspects the ‘bullet holes’ which crippled North Carolina’s substation.

The Outage Came As A Drag Show Was Underway At The Sunrise Theater In Southern Pines. Investigators Said They Have Not Ruled Out That The Attack Was Related To The Show

The outage came as a drag show was underway at the Sunrise Theater in Southern Pines

Duke Energy reported Wednesday night that it was made aware of additional gunshots near the Wateree Hydro Station, Kershaw County, South Carolina.

“No one was injured.” There have been no outages. At this point, there is no property damage. “We are working closely with FBI on this issue,” reads part of the statement.

The US Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis notified early this year that domestic extremists “have developed credible and specific plans to attack electricity infrastructure starting at least 2020.”

Experts warn it would be difficult for large portions of the power grid to be shut down, but a recent attack in North Carolina demonstrated how difficult it is for a community not to have power for at least a week.

Energy experts agree that it is essential to protect the country’s power grid. This is especially important as domestic terrorists have become more confident in their ability to play with the country’s public utilities.

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