Population policy & # 039; encourage immigrants to settle outside the main cities & # 039;

File image of Minister for Human Services Alan Tudge

Qualified immigrants would receive incentives to settle in regional centers and cities other than Sydney and Melbourne under a new population policy that will be signed by the federal cabinet.

The policy will go to the cabinet within two weeks, and could even be considered on Monday, reports The Australian.

Citizenship Minister Alan Tudge said that 87 percent of qualified immigrants are currently settled in Melbourne and Sydney, cities that are struggling against population pressures.

"In other parts of the country we have mayors, or even prime ministers of the state, who are crying out for more people, and they want their population to grow and have jobs to support it," he told ABC on Sunday night.

"That's why we're seriously considering this question, to see if we can provide additional incentives for newcomers to want to go to some of the smaller states, such as South Australia, and then perhaps more visa conditions to at least require that that person stays there for a few years, where they will hopefully make it their home, and before they become citizens. "