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Pope Francis says he will resign if he gets too tired to continue in office

Pope Francis says he will resign if he gets too tired to continue in office

  • Pope Francis told Italian media that he would step down if he was “too tired”.
  • The Pontiff has hinted several times this year his resignation from office

Pope Francis has said he can resign if he gets too tired to continue in office.

Speaking to Italian media on Friday, the 86-year-old Pope said: ‘A fatigue that makes you not see things clearly.

‘Lack of clarity when it comes to knowing how to assess situations, says Pope Francis’.

He said that he is embarrassed to use a wheelchair due to an injury.

In this file photo taken on May 5, 2022, Pope Francis arrives in a wheelchair during the audience of the participants of the Plenary Assembly of the International Union of Superiors General on May 5, 2022 in the Paul VI hall of the Vatican.

This year, the leader of the Catholic Church has fueled speculation that he would retire from office.

In January, he added to growing rumors that he might step down with a sermon on the “virtue of stepping aside at the right time.”

He saying: ‘It is easy to become attached to roles and positions, to the need to be esteemed, recognized and rewarded.’

He continued: “It is good that we too cultivate, like (Saint) John (the Baptist), the virtue of turning away at the opportune moment, bearing witness that the reference point of life is Jesus.

The Pope had previously fixed would leave office if his health deteriorated, but fired general speculations.

Five potatoes have ‘verifiably‘ resigned from office through history, with others disputed.

The most recent was Benedict XVI, who resigned in 2013 and saying he was motivated by the deterioration of his health due to old age.

Pope Benedict XVI was the first pope to resign in 598 years, since Gregory XII resigned to end the Western Schism in the Catholic church.

In general, contemporary popes are expected to hold office until their death.

The new precedent has sparked rumors that Pope Francis could also step down at some point.

In December, the current Pope revealed he had already signed a letter of resignation years ago to take effect in case he ‘deteriorates’ due to health problems or an accident.

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