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Pope Francis reveals he had “severe and severe pneumonia” in March


After his release from the hospital in early April, Pope Francis took part in the Easter celebrations.

Pope Francis revealed on Sunday that the illness he suffered in late March was “severe and severe pneumonia,” stressing his intention to continue his trips abroad, in remarks upon his return from Hungary on Sunday.

And a source in the Vatican reported on March 29 that Pope Francis, who is 86, was hospitalized for “further medical examinations,” before the Holy See announced that he had a “respiratory infection,” and later suffered from “infectious bronchitis.” “.

However, Pope Francis revealed to journalists who accompanied him on his return trip to Rome from Budapest that he had suffered from pneumonia.

He said, “I felt strong pain at the end of the public interview” with the believers on March 29, adding, “I did not lose consciousness, but I had a high fever…and the doctor immediately took me to the hospital.”

He added that he suffered “severe and severe pneumonia in the lower part of the lung.”

The Pope was discharged from the hospital on the first of April, after spending three days receiving treatment. He joked with journalists and believers who waited for him upon his exit by saying that he was still “alive”.

Pope Francis is constantly followed by a medical team in the Vatican, as well as during his trips abroad. He underwent surgery in 1957, when he was twenty-one, during which part of one of his lungs was removed, but he said he had fully recovered.

The Argentine pontiff has suffered from increasing health problems in recent years, and has been hospitalized twice since 2021.

After his discharge from the hospital in early April, Pope Francis took part in the Easter celebrations.

He said about his recent illness, “The body responded well to the treatment, thank God.”

In response to a question about his upcoming trips, he confirmed his intention to visit Lisbon in early August on the occasion of International Youth Day.

“I hope I can do it,” he added, joking that his schedule, which later includes trips to Marseille and Mongolia, “keeps me moving.”

The pope, who has been occupying the papal vault since 2013, suffers from chronic health problems, and is now using a wheelchair due to knee pain. In July 2021, he underwent colon surgery.

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