Poolside.FM is a retro digital oasis for your summer

TV may have killed the radio star, but the digital artists behind Poolside.FM are trying to bring it back.


People may be familiar with Poolside.FM, a novel about a classic radio station. Visitors can browse through 70 different short video clips from the 80s and listen to a playlist of songs collected via SoundCloud. The original website was launched in 2014, but maker Marty Bell wanted to give it a facelift and today launched an entirely new version of the site. The goal is to have around 500 different songs that people can listen to (about 25 hours of songs), but the site currently has half of them, Bell said The edge.

Although the songs are mainly from SoundCloud, Poolside.FM is more than just a playlist. It's an atmosphere – an atmosphere that makes you feel like you're lazing by the pool on a warm summer day in 1985, without worries in the world. If it makes you bump and smiles, Bell has done his job. The idea behind Poolside.FM was to create a & # 39; kind of virtual vacation to brighten my mind & # 39 ;, he said The edge in an email.

"This mix of music and carefree nostalgic visuals seems to make people really happy, I think that's great, & Bell said.

Poolside.FM & # 39; s relaunch comes at an interesting time when comparable virtual radio stations other sites such as YouTube. Study sessions set up at hip-hop from lo-fi are just one example; other 24/7 channels run through different visuals to create a digital ambiance that makes it feel like more than just a Spotify or SoundCloud playlist. The Bell site even includes a guestbook on its site, such as old-school web pages, which creates a sense of community.

That is intentional. Poolside.FM has approximately 32,000 followers on Instagramand Bell says the site has 4,000 monthly listeners. He wants to grow that number this year and continue to build the community. Part of that is to welcome new listeners, but he also wants to encourage other artists and musicians to submit their tracks. It is a collaboration process.

For the time being Poolside.FM exists as a digital oasis away from the daily bustle of being online. The neon swimming trunks and cherry red convertibles give you the feeling of jumping into a time machine and going back to 1985.


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