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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Poll shows Trump winning against Biden by a margin of six points and Kamala by 11 in the hypothetical 2024 election held today.


A new poll reported Tuesday that Donald Trump would defeat President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in virtual matches if the 2024 election were held today.

Former Republican President Biden leads by six points in the latest Harvard CAPS-Harris poll obtained exclusively by The Hill, another terrible poll for a White House plagued by falling approval ratings and multiple crises.

Forty-seven percent of respondents will support Trump in 2024, compared to 41 percent who support Biden. 12 percent said they have not made a decision yet.

Harris fared worse than her boss, trailing Trump by 11 percentage points.

The vice president took 38 percent of the presumptive vote, while Trump won 49 percent — two points higher than he scored against Biden.

While Biden has announced his intention to run for a second term, Trump has repeatedly brought up a 2024 bid but has not yet said with certainty whether he will campaign for a third.

And when Biden picked Harris as his running mate, making history in the process, it was widely believed that she would be the one to take over when the 79-year-old ended up commander-in-chief.

But her deep unpopularity – which is even greater than Biden’s – has left-wing activists worried about who will field in the next presidential election cycle.

Perhaps good news for Harris, she came out on top in a virtual game against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The GOP governor has 38 percent support in the Harvard poll, with Harris coming in just above at 40 percent.

Donald Trump has dropped many hints that he’s looking forward to a third presidential campaign, though he’s certainly not thrown his hat in the ring.

The former House Republican elected to lead the Sunshine State with Trump’s support has been a rising star within the GOP, particularly with his outspoken criticism of the Biden administration and his resistance to COVID-19 public health guidelines.

He has come second to Trump in several GOP polls around 2024, though the former president is still widely seen as the favorite so far.

Although the presidential election is still a long way off, Biden’s unpopularity remains a bad sign for congressional Democrats looking to hold on to a slim majority in the November midterm elections.

newly NBC A poll released Sunday showed Republicans with a slight lead over Democrats in upcoming races. Forty-six percent of voters said they would prefer Republicans to take control of Congress in 2023, compared to 44 percent who favor Democrats remaining in power.

The last NBC poll in January saw the Democrats slightly ahead of the Republican Party by a margin of 47 to 46 percent.

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The same poll shows Biden’s approval rating at 40 percent, the lowest number NBC has recorded so far in the Democratic leadership.

They also grapple with pervasive supply chain issues and record 40-year-high inflation, both of which drive up the cost of living for millions of Americans every day.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has also affected Biden’s tenure in the White House. Aside from forcing prices at the pump to skyrocket, multiple polls show that American voters fear an imminent war with Moscow and have little faith in their president to navigate the international crisis.

Sunday’s poll saw respondents asked “how confident they are” in Biden’s ability to handle Russia’s brutal onslaught.

The largest share – 44 percent – said they trust “very little” the president, while 27 percent trust him “somewhat”, compared to 71 percent combined.

This isn't the first 2024 prediction in which Trump will come out ahead of President Joe Biden, whose approval rating recently reached 40%.

Kamala Harris fares worse against Trump than Biden, though she managed a small lead against Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Tuesday’s poll shows Trump exiting ahead of both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both of whom are struggling with low approval numbers.

Only 28 percent of Americans polled said they shared “a great deal” or “very little” support for Biden’s handling of Ukraine — a far cry from the confidence the president has sought to project with decades of foreign policy experience in the Senate. .

And the majority of people seem to believe that Biden’s actions so far have set the country on a path to direct conflict with Russia, despite the United States’ preferred policy of de-escalation through diplomacy.

Sixteen percent of Americans said they believe their country is already at war with Russia based on Biden and his officials’ handling of the crisis. And 44 percent said devastating conflict “would be within the next year.”

Only 34% were confident that the United States would not get involved in a war with Moscow.

and 56 percent of respondents to the Monday Associated Press/NORC Center for Public Affairs Research reconnaissance He said Biden is “not tough enough” and six percent think he’s “too tough” on Russia.

Thirty-six percent of those surveyed said the president’s response to Putin was “correct.”

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