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Police say 2 men killed in wedding shooting were innocent bystanders


Ottawa police say they do not believe the two men killed in the shooting at a wedding reception on Saturday were the targets of the approximately 50 BBs fired at a convention center.

Two Toronto men, Said Mohamed Ali, 26, and Abdishakur Abdi-Dahir, 29, were killed and six others wounded on September 2 after gunfire erupted at the Infinity Convention Center near Ottawa International Airport.

“[The shooting] focused on people believed to be attending one of the weddings,” Deputy Police Chief Trish Ferguson said at a news conference Wednesday afternoon.

“However, we do not believe that any of the victims of this brazen and careless attack were the intended targets.”

no arrests yet

Ferguson told reporters Ali had just arrived in Canada four months ago from an unspecified country while Abdi-Dahir was working as an engineer.

One of the six injured people remains at the hospital, Ferguson said. He added that there were two wedding events at the convention center at the time.

No arrests or suspects have been announced.

Stubbs said Tuesday that police believe it was a targeted shooting and there is no indication that it was hate-motivated.

Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe has said he thinks of the people who live in the area and argued that the killings support his push to devote more police resources to fighting gun crime.

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