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Police confirm one death, 20 shots after multiple gunmen opened fire at a block party in Washington

BREAKING NEWS: Police Confirm One Dead And At Least Nine Others Shot After Multiple Gunmen Open Fire At Washington DC Block Party

One person was killed and at least nine others shot when multiple gunmen opened fire at a block party night in Washington DC, police have revealed.

The fatal shooting took place near the 3300 block of Dubois Place in Southeast around 12:30 pm on Sunday. Several detectives and forensic teams are still on the scene from 8:00 am.

Police have confirmed that the victim is an adult male, although no further details have been provided at this time.

At least nine others suffered gunfire and were seen being taken off the scene in ambulances. Their condition is unknown at this time.

Two other people were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds near the crime scene. However, it is unclear whether they are related to the first incident.

No arrests have been made as of Sunday morning and DC police have not provided any further details.

Witnesses say the shooting took place during a block party or cook out that took place late last night in the middle of the residential street, with hundreds of people in attendance.

Local resident George Benton uploaded images of the aftermath of the shooting. He said he had been in his house when he heard “about 100 gunshots” sounded.

Benton said officials on the ground said as many as 15 people were shot, including children. The Sixth District has not yet responded to a request from DailyMail.com for comment about the ages or number of victims.

‘You had DJs, everyone was down there. They were more women than men, ”another witness, Nelson Bostic, told WTOP. Before you know it, it was like Beirut here. It sounded like machine guns … I saw a young lady, she was shot in the leg. A young man leaned over his car.

‘People lying on the floor. People are diving under cars and things like that, ”Bostic said. ‘It was horrible.’

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