Police chase at 100 mph by car thief – heart-stopping moment

Heart-stopping moment car thief takes police on desperate 100mph chase in £50,000 stolen Porsche Boxster before he is arrested and jailed for 10 years

  • Traffic cops spotted the £50,000 car driving through streets of Kidderminster
  • Police chased driver at 100 mph, almost hitting other cars. 
  • Unnamed driver later jailed for ten years for several traffic and burglary offences

This heart-stopping dash cam footage captures the moment that a reckless driver led police to a dangerous chase at 100 mph in a stolen Porsche.

Traffic cops spotted the £50,000 luxury motor being driven through the streets of Kidderminster, Worcestershire, in August and attempted to pull over the driver.

The aggressive driver drove off, leading police on a frightening chase through residential roads and country lanes. 

He He was later sentenced to ten year imprisonment for a string traffic and burglary offenses, including driving without a license. 

The Porsche Boxster is seen racing past a police car parked on the A449. The police chase the Porsche Boxster immediately 

The Police Car Swings Into Action To Chase The Stolen Vehicle, Which Was Driving At Speeds Of Up To 100Mph Through Kidderminster

The police car responds to the call to chase down the vehicle that was speeding through Kidderminster at speeds up to 100 mph 

Today’s dramatic footage shows officers chasing the crook who had stolen the Porsche Boxster only a few days ago. 

Dash-cam video shows police cars speeding at more than 88 mph while chasing the stolen vehicle on the one-lane road. 

The Porsche drifts to the side of the road throughout the video, and becomes more uncontrolled when its tires have been deflated.  

The police car is seen chasing other vehicles at high speed, including one that was stopped at a roundabout. 

Porsche continues to attempt to escape the pursuers, making a three-point turn before tearing back up A449. 

The Speed Dial On The Police Dashcam Shows That The Car Reached More Than 85Mph During The Chase

The speed dial on the dashcam of the police shows that the car travelled more than 85 mph during the chase

The Vehicle, Which Has Not Stopped Or Slow Down, Has Its Tires Deflated By A Police Stinger. It Becomes More Out Of Control Before Eventually Stopping

The police stinger inflates the tires of the vehicle so that it doesn’t stop or slow down. It becomes increasingly out of control, before eventually stopping.

The driver of the tearaway roadster is finally brought to a halt by several unmarked and marked police cars.  

The driver, who was wanted across the UK by many police forces, tried to ram the vehicles of the police before continuing to drive with deflated tire.

After The man was taken into custody by officers, who then took him into custody for suspicions of burglary and dangerous driving.

The driver, who was not identified by police, was later sentenced to 10 years in prison.

West Mercia Roads Policing shared this video on social media. It said that they spotted the Porsche stolen in the Kidderminster region in August.

The Two-Minute Video Shows A Number Of Police Cars In Pursuit Of The Runaway Vehicle, Including Unmarked Cars

This two-minute video shows police cars and unmarked cars following the runaway vehicle.

The Driver Of The Porsche - Who Was Later Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison - Does Not Stop The Car After Its Tires Are Deflated And Continues The Chase

The Porsche driver, who was later sentenced for 10 years in prison, does not stop the Porsche after its tires have been deflated. He continues his chase

Police Eventually Pull In Front Of The Stolen Vehicle, Forcing It To Stop, Before Arresting The Driver

The police eventually pulled up in front of the vehicle and forced it to stop before arresting its driver.

The footage is only a small part of the OPU officers’ pursuit of the vehicle. They used a stinger as a deflating device to inflate the tires.

“The vehicle was stolen just a few days before. We arrested the driver on suspicions of burglary and dangerous-driving.

The ‘CID officers were subsequently convicted at court of multiple charges of burglary and fraud, dangerous driving escaping lawful custody and obstructing the police. They also drove without a license or insurance.

‘He was sentenced for 10 years in prison.

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