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Pokémon’s Next Art Collaboration With Daniel Arsham Spans Time And Space

While Pokemon Arceus reveals all the new things about the franchise’s past, artist Daniel Arsham’s next collaboration with The Pokémon Company is all about a devastated, fossilized future.

Building on the larger themes of his previous two Pokémon projects, “Relics of Kanto Through Time” and “Time Dilation,” Arsham’s upcoming “A Ripple in Time” exhibition in Tokyo will feature a variety of pokemon works of art intended to evoke the passage of time. In addition to paintings, drawings and Arsham’s signature Pokémon statues, inspired by architecture and the concept of fictional archeology, “A Ripple in Time” will also feature an “animated work” produced by Arsham and Kunihiko Yuyama, former general manager of the pokemon anime now acting as creative supervisor. According to a press release about the exhibition, this project came “at the strong request of Arsham himself,” who worked with Yuyama to map out elements of the animated artwork, ranging from storyboarding to finishing.

In the short teaser video of “A Ripple in Time,” Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu face off against Arsham and his Cubone in a fight that supposedly took place sometime in the not-too-distant past, given the outfits everyone is wearing and Misty’s Togepi still a Togepi. When the battling Pokémon’s combined attacks accidentally collide with a watching Celebi – legendary Pokémon known for its time-traveling abilities – the resulting explosion causes Ash to be transported into a strange, apocalyptic future filled with art very similar to that of the real arsham.

One of five separate exhibitions that make up the larger “A Ripple in Time” project, the animated work will debut on Nanzuka Underground on February 10.

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