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Pokémon GO developers are responding to criticism of remote raids and announcing new raids


In May, we reported that Pokémon Go revenue has declined due to critical criticism of changes to the game’s raid system, including an increase in remote raid prices starting in April and a cap on the number of in-game events players can attend each day. This is an attempt by the developer to force players to return to the rules of play before the Corona pandemic. And Niantic is finally responding to fan criticism.

Speaking to IGN, Pokémon GO producer John Fontanella announced new raids titled Shadow Raids, and mentioned that those raids allow players to catch Shadow Pokémon including Shadow Mewtwo, which is a strong commitment from Niantic to get remote players similar to the changes introduced in remote raids.

Pokémon GO director Michael Steranka said the changes to remote raids have never been easy for Niantic, but were made to prevent players from abusing the system and straying from the core message of hanging out with friends.

Steranka said.

Our changes to remote raid passes was a very difficult decision and one we didn’t take lightly. Personally I’d say I’ve used remote raids more than 99% of IGN readers do, and that’s something that’s been an integral part of everyday gameplay in Pokémon GO.

Steranka continued:

But eventually, over the years, what we’ve noticed is that this kind of untapped experience has led to really unhealthy gaming behavior for a lot of our Pokémon GO players, where you’ll see players use dozens, sometimes hundreds, of Remote Raid Passes in a single day, and that’s really not The experience we wanted the game to be.

So we had to take action on that and we knew it was going to be an unpopular decision, a hard pill even for me to swallow.

Unlimited remote raid access in Pokémon GO basically allows players to spend money to carry out raids and get the best possible Pokémon, but after the introduction of player versus player battles, this feature has become unfair to those with unlimited money without ever leaving their home.

Niantic has announced shadow raids, which are the first new features coming to Pokémon GO, and will initially run for one week from May 22 to May 29. Level 1 to 3 Pokémon will be available from Monday to Friday, while the most powerful Pokémon known as Shadow will be available. Mewtwo on the weekend.

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