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Pokémon Go developer Niantic cancels four projects and lays off more than 80 people

Niantic, that has tried the huge success of pokemon go with other mobile AR games, lay off 8 percent of its staff and cancel four projects, as reported by Bloomberg

“We recently decided to stop production on some projects and reduce our workforce by approximately eight percent to focus on our top priorities,” Niantic VP of Communications Jonny Thaw said in a statement. The edge† “We are grateful for the contributions of those who leave Niantic and support them during this difficult transition.

“This means we can focus on our key priorities, including: pokemon go and a select few new experiences, as well as the Lightship platform. This increased focus, as well as our strong core business, enables us to address the broader economic uncertainty many companies face and continue to invest in the future of AR.”

According to Bloombergthe changes mean Niantic will cancel Transformers: Heavy Metala game made in collaboration with don’t sleep anymore creator Punchdrunk, and two titles codenamed Blue Sky and Snowball. About 85 to 90 people are laid off.

pokemon go has proven to be a lasting hit despite being nearly six years old, but other AR games haven’t had quite as much success. Niantic recently discontinued AR games based on the Catania and Harry Potter franchises and Microsoft discontinued Minecraft Earth last year. That said, Niantic still seems committed to making new games – it’s a cute game peridot is in a soft launch and the company just announced an NBA title.

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