Points to Keep in Mind Before Hiring Salesforce Consultant

Investment in a Salesforce Customer Relationship Management tool is not a guarantee for success in your business. There are other things to know and learn after implementing Salesforce. 

This is where the services of a salesforce consulting partner come in. They are skilled business professionals that will support your business to successfully implement Salesforce, including guidance on both technical and non-technical aspects of Salesforce. 

While several Salesforce experts are, deciding the best one to suit your team might not be a walk in the park. Exploring the suitability of such an expert to your firm will guide you towards the right choice. This is because hiring the right salesforce expert will spare you any hassle, in addition to making it easy to achieve your business goals. 

Here are some points to guide you towards the choice of a salesforce expert:

Consider Expertise Level

While hiring an experienced Salesforce consultant is a good idea, you should prioritize an expert with optimum knowledge, well-grounded in various CRM aspects. 

Their insight and experience on sales matters, as well as their input on automating your sales process. You want an expert with keen insight into the latest sales strategy. 

It also makes sense to be aware of the project management skill they possess. More often than not, your CRM implementation technique might involve a series of applications that engage another department. 

The presence of a developer on the team will also go a long way to make them effective. Developers are critical to the effectiveness of the salesforce consultant’s team as they ensure that the team is not lagging in critical areas like the software application department, data mapping, etc. 

Prioritize Communication

Communication is essential to the services of a salesforce consultant. Even when it seems complicated and uncomfortable, one of the hallmarks of a reliable Salesforce consultant is the ability to disagree and make their mind known, even if it’s not something that goes down well with the client.

In addition, such a consultant should be able to ask probing questions. This will give them insight into your business, so they get a good understanding of how your process works.

You can count on their experience over the years. They know what works and what doesn’t, so they will help guide you from such errors. This means working with a consultant that is not afraid to give you their opinion, rather than following you blindly.

Consider the Implementation Approach 

Even though most salesforce consultants will follow recommended practices to solve issues, their approach differs. 

Some might prefer to follow your blueprint, while others consider an agile-based approach, which delivers their apps in apps and iterations. This will ensure you have a project that is on time and within a budget, of course. 

A reliable salesforce consultant will go a step further in their ability to identify opportunities for product development. Keep this in mind if it is one of your goals when you want to hire salesforce consultant

Response Time and Support

When hiring a salesforce consultant, long-term support should be one of your priorities. In other words, what will be your deal when the initial CRM project implementation is completed? You want a consultant that will provide ongoing support and possibly after-sales service. 

Understanding this is crucial before committing to any salesforce partner. Enquire about their support for your business and their plans after the initial implementation. If they will be willing to help fix bugs, update your software and help with other project areas. Ask questions and know if they will prioritize other businesses over yours, especially when you have issues that need urgent attention. 

Find an Industry match.

For companies within the same niche, working with a particular Salesforce consultant might be fine. Such a consultant might specialize in a specific industry that is not advisable if it is not relevant to your industry. As a result, consider working with a Salesforce consultant with expertise in your niche like entertainment, transportation, etc. 

Your specific industry is guidance on the type of consultant you should work with. For businesses involved in particular niches, make sure to choose a consultant with interest in that area. A salesforce consultant who specializes in lots of industries might not be a good idea. As they say, a jack of all trades is a master of none – that is a sign that the consultant might not be the best for you. 

Cost Should Not be a Decisive Factors

You don’t expect anything good to be cheap. It is the same with the salesforce consulting service. As a result, the costs should not be the driving factor when deciding on a consultant. Besides, there is a greater chance you will spend a lot of money if you want a reliable consultant. 

Make sure you don’t look for affordability but someone that ticks all your boxes. If you work with a great salesforce consultant, you will experience significant cost savings in the long run, no matter the cost. As a result, don’t fixate too much on the price. 


A salesforce consultant is essential to your business, yet getting the best fit might not come easy. Their expertise is invaluable in achieving business success. Knowing what you want will guide you towards picking a consultant that will meet your needs. Here are some essential factors that can help you make the right choice.