PM announces real commission in the elderly care sector

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is set to announce a royal commission into aged care in Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will announce a real commission in the area of ​​care for the elderly after atrocious cases of abuse of elderly people.

Mr. Morrison will announce the investigation on Sunday, and the decision was due in part to the Oakden nursing home scandal in southern Australia, reports News Corp Australia.

The prime minister could no longer ignore the alarming number of aged care operators "flouting the law and putting lives at risk."

There was a 177% increase in the number of nursing homes where a serious risk was identified for residents in the last fiscal year, according to new government figures.

There was a 292 percent increase in the number of facilities that refused to comply with the rules.

"Going through these statistics was not possible," Morrison said.

"I want to be satisfied, I want to know how widespread it is".

The Oakden nursing home for seniors was closed last year after a condemnatory report from the leading psychiatrist in South Australia that highlighted the continued neglect and mistreatment of residents.

Health Minister Greg Hunt called the Oakden case "one of the greatest misfortunes in the history of mental health in Australia."