PM announces real commission in the elderly care sector

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is set to announce a royal commission into aged care in Australia.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has announced a real commission in the sector of assistance to the elderly after terrible cases of abuse of older people.

"We are committed to providing Australians with greater access to care that supports their dignity and recognizes the contribution they have made to society," he said in a statement.

The decision was triggered in part by the Oakden nursing home scandal in South Australia, which was closed a year ago.

The prime minister could no longer ignore the alarming number of aged care operators "flouting the law and putting lives at risk."

There was a 177% increase in the number of nursing homes where a serious risk was identified for residents in the last fiscal year, according to new government figures.

There was a 292 percent increase in the number of facilities that refused to comply with the rules.

"Going through these statistics was not possible," Morrison said.

The Oakden nursing home for seniors was closed last year after a condemnatory report from the leading psychiatrist in South Australia that highlighted the continued neglect and mistreatment of residents.

Mr. Morrison, in a statement, said the government also needed to prepare for a large increase in the demand for care for the elderly as the baby boomers age.

"With more Australians exercising their option to stay at home for longer, this means that when Australians are entering residential home care these days they are doing so with more acute needs," he said.

"This will continue to have a big impact on our residential care model for the elderly in the future, we have to get ahead of this."

The prime minister said that Australia was a world leader in elder care, and that most of the operators and caregivers were outstanding.

"But the best teams will always want to improve, and they will always want to be honest about the performance of the sector in general."

The royal commission will also analyze the challenge of caring for young people.