<pre><pre>Plex makes piracy just another streaming service

The world is about to become oversaturated with subscription streaming services and Plex wants to be the platform that helps people keep up with everything.


The company's platform has built a reputation as a one-stop piracy and is now working to offer users the opportunity to purchase video subscription services in the first half of 2020, according to Variety. The move will also allow Plex to launch its own ad-supported streaming service using content from other networks and studios, and it will allow people to purchase VOD titles.

Plex is not trying to replace Netflix and is unlikely to bring Netflix Originals, according to CEO Keith Valory. Collaboration with companies such as Warner Bros., who will make a part of the film catalog available through Plex, is an entry point. Managers think that the streaming service from Plex & # 39; 75-85 percent of the content you care about & # 39; will carry, said Valory. It is unclear how much of the Warner Bros. catalog. will be available through Plex.

However, the company is not trying to fight in the streaming wars. Apple, NBCUniversal, Disney and, yes, WarnerMedia are all preparing to launch their own streaming services in the coming months to compete with Netflix and Amazon. Most companies have ordered a number of original series from high-profile makers or have spent hundreds of millions of dollars securing streaming rights for megahits such as friends and The office. Plex essentially wants to collect all streaming services and put them in one place, while also offering small amounts of the offer of each service.

"You don't have to go to many different apps to get the content you care about," Valory said Variety.

Plex offers an interesting option for some of the aforementioned streaming competitors. The company has 20 million registered accounts. Teasing people using Plex with a taste of what WarnerMedia & H 39 Max has is a way to potentially build up your own subscriber file. The ability to purchase a subscription through Plex instead of having to leave the app completely also streamlines the process.

It is unclear how many companies are willing to work with Plex on the service. Netflix is ​​unlikely, such as Variety points out. Companies like Apple, Amazon and Disney don't want that either. Valory didn't tell Variety whether other networks and studios were in conversation with Plex, but company executives said they are considering adding bundle packages for streaming services next year. Plex currently offers a bundle with the $ 20 streaming package from Tidal for its premium subscribers. The goal is to add other services, such as HBO Max, once those platforms have started.


It is an ambitious but ultimately difficult goal to struggle with multiple streaming services and offer them to users individually. Apple TV currently offers people a collection of individual channels that they can subscribe to, but big players are not on that list. Hulu, Netflix and Disney apps are not available, and it is unclear whether Plex managers can convince them to join the platform when Apple can't – especially given that Apple has a considerably larger customer base. Plex may offer a number of shows, films and some streaming services, but whether it is subscription services that people want is a big question.

Not to mention the fact that many people see Plex as a place to view illegal content, while friends eagerly share their servers through group chat. But executives claim that this is not what most users do. The company has also discussed this with major Hollywood studios. Those conversations can bring in companies like Disney who can be concerned that they are being linked to an app, and is notorious for illegal sharing.

"We are iTunes, we are not Napster," Valory said Variety.