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PlayStation VR2 will soon be available at local retailers


Sony revealed that the PlayStation VR2 glasses will soon be heading to local retailers, after the company made this announcement on Twitter today, but it did not announce a specific date for the headset to be available in major stores.

Currently, you can still pre-order the PS VR2 from PlayStation Direct, as it’s been sold exclusively since its release, and if you’re desperate to know when you’ll see it in stores, he says ShopTo It will hit UK stores on May 12th, but you may want to check stores in your area for availability.

PS VR2 currently costs $549.99, but when you get the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle it’s $599.99. Either way, it’s priced higher than the PS5, and with more widespread availability in retail and online, the headset may see some discounts at some point in the future.

PS VR2 sales have been limited in the past month, with Sony selling just 270,000 headsets at the end of March, despite making 2 million units before its launch in February.

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