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PlayStation is starting to crave Marvel’s Wolverine..!! | -WhatsNew2Day


At a time when rumors about the upcoming PlayStation ShowCase event are increasing, one of the PlayStation accounts on the Twitter platform started teasing Marvel’s Wolverine.

The game was revealed for the first time more than two years ago during the PlayStation 5 event, where Insomniac Games is working on it alongside Spider-Man 2.

We haven’t had any details about Marvel’s Wolverine since that time, but it seems that with the approaching release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the studio is supposed to have completed work on it in preparation for its release less than 6 months from now. The work must now be focused mainly on the next title, which will of course be the game Werewolf with Metal Claws.

German PlayStation account on Twitter He already started teasing the game by posting a tweet at a time when Sony was supposed to be promoting Spider-Man 2, as he stated in this tweet the following:

The claws are out.. Marvel’s Wolverine comes exclusively to PlayStation 5!

It is true that we know that the game is under development, but publishing the tweet at this time may raise suspicions that Sony is preparing to reveal more details about it.

There are many rumors about Sony’s readiness to hold a PlayStation event in the next few days, although there has been no official announcement yet. In the event that this happens, we expect to see the game again through a first teaser review of the gaming system in preparation for its release, perhaps in the holiday season next year, a year after the supposed release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 this year.

Last March, an informed source talked about a set of information and details about Marvel’s Wolverine game, which we summarized in the form of points as follows:

Some details about Marvel’s Wolverine:

  • The game is intended to have a Mature rating, or what is known as the M symbol.
  • It will also be semi-linear, allowing for roaming and discovery just like the system in God of War Ragnarok.
  • The combat system will focus a lot on cutting nerves and limbs. It’s only natural that we’re playing a werewolf.
  • The title will focus on the identity of the name Wolverine and be true to it. With some Insomniac Games touches invested.
  • It is expected to be launched in the fall of 2024.
  • It will be a completely PS5 exclusive game.

Is it time to know more about the next Insomniac Games studio game?

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