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PlayStation games will be varied and different


PlayStation stated that the ten service games that Sony is working on at the present time will offer different types to different audiences, moreover, the company revealed that they are aware of the fierce competition between live service games and the time investment that it takes from players.

In an interview with GamesIndustry.biz PlayStation Studios President Hermann Holst said:

There is a risk that we talk about service games in broad terms, as if they are one genre or even one business model for all games in that genre, but PlayStation Studios develop a wide variety of service games targeting different genres, different release schedules and at different scales.

Hermann continued:

We also make games for different audiences, and I trust our proven track record of creating worlds and stories that PlayStation fans love.

Herrmann also explained that each of the PlayStation studios recently acquired by Sony is following its own path. In addition, the acquisition depends on what the studio needs to grow and succeed, and being part of the PlayStation studios gives them access to a global network of other studios. In addition to technology and services teams.

Hearst stated:

The priority of each studio is to present its own project, to deliver the best possible game.

Sony had announced in February 2022 that it More than 10 service games with post-launch support will be released by 2026an achievement that Sony’s acquisition of the Bungie studio, which has a lot of experience in this type of game, will help him.

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