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PlayStation games on Steam are becoming more expensive in many places, how about in Germany? – WhatsNew2Day


In addition to being angry, Kratos is also expensive – at least its price has increased in some countries.

Our hobby is getting more and more expensive. This is not a new finding, it has been evident for quite a while. New price increases are now appearing on Steam – this time the games from PlayStation manufacturer Sony are affected. While we are still spared in this country, other countries do not get off so lightly.

It’s getting more expensive in these countries

If you take a closer look at SteamDB, you will see that prices in China, South Korea and Sony’s home country Japan have risen. But some countries in the West are also affected: In Canada, for example, Marvel’s Spider-Man costs no longer 70, but now 80 dollars.

The increase in Argentina is particularly strong: the price for God of War has increased more than doubledfrom the original 4199 pesos one now wants to see 8499 monets. But things are also getting more expensive in other South American countries such as Colombia and Chile.

Price increases vary from title to title. In Japan, for example, an increase of between 29 and 32.5 percent can be seen.

Which games are affected?

Many of the original PlayStation exclusive titles are showing price increases. Included are Returnal, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Days Gone and the Uncharted Legacy Collection.

The recently released and still bug-plagued The Last of Us Part 1 is not affected by the development. Neither has the price of Detroit: Become Human changed. You can find all PlayStation exclusive games on PC in our list.

We asked Sony how the price increases came about. We’ll update the article as soon as we know more.

Do you fear that there could soon be a price increase in Germany? At which number do you pull the brakes and wait for it to be cheaper? And which PlayStation 5 title are you still eagerly awaiting to make its way to PC at some point? Write us your opinion in the comments!

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