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PlayStation consoles have sold over 500 million units


Sony announced several days ago the sales of the PS5 platform, which was able to exceed 38.4 million units worldwide, and the company revealed its plans for the new fiscal year 2023/2024, which is to ship 25 million platforms around the world. And here is the company continuing to reveal its good numbers regarding PlayStation devices.

Where Sony revealed that the PlayStation devices have sold more than 500 million units worldwide so far, and Sony revealed to us the actual numbers for each platform, as the PS1 devices sold about 102.49 million units while the PS2 platform sold 158.7 million units, and the PS3 platform stood at 87.4 million units, and there is the PS4 platform that sold 117.2 million units, and finally we have the PS5 platform, which, as I mentioned above, has reached 38.4 million units sold so far.

Thus, Sony becomes the first company to exceed 500 million units of sales of its home appliances, as the total sales of Nintendo devices currently reach more than 403 million units, knowing that sales of mobile platforms are not counted for either company.

As for the Xbox, it’s another story, and this is due to the fact that Microsoft has not provided official sales figures for its home devices for some time, and exact global sales figures for the Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S are not available, although if we want to predict sales Hardware By estimation, Xbox sales will still trail Nintendo and Sony by a wide margin, possibly stopping at 177 million units sold.

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