PlayStation 5 wastes less energy

The next generation PlayStation console can use much less power than the PS4 in standby mode. However, the energy-saving feature appears to be an optional setting, not the default setting. The news comes via a blog post entitled PlayStation joins forces with the United Nations to combat climate change.


"I am also delighted to announce that the next-generation PlayStation console offers the possibility to suspend gameplay with much lower power consumption than PS4 (which we estimate can be achieved with around 0.5 W)," writes Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive entertainment. "If only one million users enable this feature, it would be equal to the average electricity consumption of 1,000 American homes."

Both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles have been criticized for their high power consumption during inactivity. A Report 2014 from the Natural Resources Defense Council let the PS4 draw no less than 8.5 watts in standby. That is compared to around 137 watts when playing games or 89 watts when streaming video, the study concluded. Sony has improved the energy profile of the PS4 overtime. Nonetheless, reducing power consumption in standby to only half a watt would be a significant improvement that could have a real impact. Especially if the so-called PS5 comes somewhere near the 100 million PS4 & # 39; s that have been sold worldwide so far.

Assuming that people activate the function.

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