Playing With Pulleys Gives Kids Super Strength


Children love to play, and this is what keeps them physically fit. To save on the cost of buying toys and keep your kids physically healthy, you can encourage them to play with pulleys.

Playing with pulleys gives kids super strength and also helps in their mental development. A pulley is simply a wheel with a rope looped over it. You can make a simple pulley at home if you have a rope, a basket, and a tree branch that you can loop the rope over.

But how does pulley play help your kids build strength? Read on to find out. 

  1. Body Muscle Building

A pulley re-directs forces, so instead of kids pushing loads up, they’ll pull the rope, and the load will ascend. When kids pull the rope, they’ll engage their muscles, making the pulley great for building muscles. As it becomes easier for the kid to pull a load, you can add more weight into the bucket, but you must be careful not to overwork the kids.

Pulleys for kids help develop the child’s muscles both in the arms and legs. Moreover, pulley play gives them a sense of satisfaction and achievement whenever they accomplish a task. This helps them build self-reliance. 

  1. Strengthening Of Bones

When kids work with pulleys, it’s not only the muscles that get engaged but also the bones. Just as the muscles get stronger when working out, bones will likewise get stronger. Strong bones contribute to the physical strength of kids. It improves bone density, hence preventing osteoporosis, a condition in which bones become weak, fragile, and porous.

  1. Weight Control

When kids are sedentary, they take in more calories than they burn. The excess calories are stored as fat in the body leading to weight gain. When a child becomes active, their body will burn fat, and they’ll lose weight.

  1. Boosts Energy Levels

A pulling exercise will make the kid feel more spirited and energetic. It will make your kid feel more active and reduce their chances of feeling lethargic. Remember that pulling exercises are less stressful than pushing exercises.

  1. Hands And Fingers

Pulleys and other pull toys are great for the development of fine motor skills. Since pulleys engage hands and fingers more, kids will learn how to grasp objects well, which can help them perform other tasks effectively.

Pulleys will strengthen their hands and refine their finger/hand movements. Any toy that’s manipulated by pulling helps kids to develop motor skills. The more they pull, the better their motor skills develop.

  1. Pulleys For Kids Helps With Coordination

Working with pulleys involves not only the hands and fingers but nearly all body parts – the eyes, legs, back, arms, chest, etc. If a child is pulling the rope, he has to coordinate all his body parts to ensure the load keeps going up. Working with pulleys will therefore help them improve body coordination.

  1. Strengthens Heart Muscles

A heart is involved a lot whenever a person exercises. Being a muscle, it also gets stronger with exercise. Pulleys are the greatest tools for exercising the hearth. As your child pulls the rope, the heart muscles will get stronger. Exercise will also help keep veins and arteries clear so the heart can pump blood better.

There you have it. If you’ve been thinking about buying a toy for your kids, you can replace that toy with a pulley. Playing with pulleys gives kids super strength, keeps them busy while at the same time helps improve their general health.