Home Tech Playing ‘Hades II’? Here are 8 tips to get you started

Playing ‘Hades II’? Here are 8 tips to get you started

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 Playing 'Hades II'? Here are 8 tips to get you started

Hades II is a witchy roguelike that Supergiant Games surprise released on Steam earlier this week. Unlike the first hellwhere players play as the prince of the underworld, fighting their way out of the depths of hell, Hades II hands the weapons to the princess of the underworld, Melinoë, who must make her way Deeper the depths to defeat Chronos, the Titan of Time.

as fans of hellWe were excited to play the early access version of this game. Although the developers are still working to improve Hades II and add more content, it may already be the best game we’ve played so far this year. (And yes, that even includes Balatro.)

While currently only available on PC, the game is expected to be on consoles for some time. Supergiant Full Releaseprobably sometime in 2025. After playing the opening hours of Hades IIWe have some tips for beginners who are about to embark on their next journey into the underworld.

Definitely use a controller

Although there is a giant notice on the initial screen of Hades II Stating that a controller is recommended for the best experience, we were confident that our keyboard skills would be enough to make our way to Chronos. Mistaken! After 30 minutes of playing (and not playing very well), we switched to a PlayStation DualSense controller and the game clicked immediately.

Understand the arcana system

Witch themes are a lovely addition to Hades II, but to be honest, it took us a second to understand the revamped ignition system. As you make your way through the different chambers, be sure to collect enough ashes and Psyche. Then, use them to gain skills and power-ups that will carry over with each race attempt. Ashes will unlock new arcane cards for you to choose from, and Psyche Points will allow you to use more cards at once.

Deceleration time

One of the first Arcana cards you’ll unlock is called The Enchantress. Lean on this skill to get through the opening section of the game. With The Sorceress, every time you use the Omega variant for one of your combat abilities, you slow time for two seconds. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot of time, it gives you an extra moment to dodge and aim better.

Catch enemies with a cast

The first enemies we fought were these monsters that aggressively chase you with a screaming attack. It’s frustrating to rush out without success and we were sent back to where we started several times. In addition to slowing down time, you can try to avoid his attack by using your throwing power frequently to create a large area where enemies are temporarily trapped and vulnerable to attacks.

Brings together absolutely everything

The ability to collect items on your runs is a cool new feature added to Hades II. Whether it’s a mortuary mushroom or a lotus flower, most of what you can pick by hand is useful for crafting special recipes in the cauldron at the base. However, some of the items require tools to collect. For example, you may want to unlock the Crescent selection to extract the Silver that sometimes appears.

Be friendly and generous

This Strategy Will Look Familiar hell players, and it remains that way for the second game. Yes, mastering combat is essential, but talking to every NPC you encounter is also important. In a spirit of generosity, offer them Nectar. In addition to improving your relationship with the character, he may return the favor and give you a souvenir with different bonuses.

Toggle God Mode

Are you having a tough time on your journey to defeat Chronos and just want to get through the rest of the game? Hades II history? Is there a boss fight you’re sick of and ready to move on to the next challenge? You can toggle God Mode any time you want from the Pause screen to become immune to damage. Simply select Options and enable it on How to Play

just play hell

Well, listen to us. If you haven’t played the original game yet, you might really enjoy revisiting it. hell. Also, if you don’t have access to a PC, it is available on consoles. We’ve been replaying the game on Nintendo Switch for months and it’s just as awesome as it is in 2020.

Are you a Supergiant superfan who can’t wait to play the early version of Hades II? Keep in mind that it is still unfinished and you will have a great time with its predecessor. New to the franchise? Although the game will still be quite fun and accessible without playing the first one, you may have an even better time playing it. hell now and dive into the sequel after the developers polish it up and add more content with the full release.

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