PLAYER RATINGS: Keysher Fuller provides late winner as Costa Rica secures unlikely victory

Costa Rica secured the most unlikely of wins against Japan on Sunday morning and the result has left the entire complexion of Group E open.

It was a late goal from Keysher Fuller that secured them a 1–0 victory over Japan, who had hoped to secure their place in the round of 16 of the tournament with a win.

Here, sports mail JAMES ST DENIS rates the players from both teams after the match at the Ahmad bin Ali Stadium.

Costa Rica stunned Japan with a late winner to leave Group E open with one round remaining


Shuichi Gonda – 5

The shot stopper was barely tested throughout the game, but failed to execute its job when needed. He was caught miles from his line for Keysher Fuller’s goal and he could have saved it if he wasn’t out of position.

Miki Yamane – 5

A pretty solid performance from the right-back. However, he was hooked late in the second half when Hajime Moriyasu decided to bring in Mitoma in hopes that he could provide an equalizer.

Kou Itakura – 4.5

It won’t go down as one of Itakura’s best performances. He didn’t bring anything spectacular and played a lot of simple passes. He also picked up a yellow card in the 84th minute of the game.

Kou Itakura Received A Yellow Card In The 84Th Minute Of Sunday Morning'S Game.

Kou Itakura received a yellow card in the 84th minute of Sunday morning’s game.

Yoshida 5

The captain led his team well despite the result. He was responsible for cheering Japan on when things went downhill on the pitch. However, Japan needed more of Yoshida in his time of need.

Nagamoto – 5

Solid performance in the first half, but found himself substituted at the break. However, I don’t think he was hooked as a result of poor acting. Moriyasu has changed most of his backline.


Endo was one of the few players on Team Japan who brought some intensity to the game. The turnaround in the second half also helped the 29-year-old get the ball into the pockets. However, he was a bit rebellious with his death.

Endo Was One Of The Few Players On Team Japan Who Brought Some Intensity To The Game.

Endo was one of the few players on Team Japan who brought some intensity to the game.

Blueberry – 6

Morita could have dominated the midfield more, but he provided some excellent passes throughout the game.

doan – 4.5

You would hardly have noticed it in the field. Doan was incredibly calm for Japan during the Group E match with Costa Rica. He could have been the star of the show, but he never showed up.

Kamada – 6

Kamada is known for being a midfielder at Eintracht Frankfurt. However, he did not live up to his name against Costa Rica. He had trouble getting the ball in the right areas.

Soma – 5.5

He had a few chances and took several set pieces, but couldn’t do anything useful with them. He was substituted for Takumi Minamino late in the second half.

Soma Had A Few Chances And Took Several Pieces From Set Pieces, But Couldn'T Do Anything Useful With Them.

Soma had a few chances and took several pieces from set pieces, but couldn’t do anything useful with them.

wheel – 5

Disappointing performance from Ueda. The strong touch from him saw him lose possession the majority of the time during the game. He also missed several opportunities to play forward.


Ito. H 5.5, Asano 5, Mitoma 6.5, Ito. J 6, Minamino 6.

Costa Rica

Navas 7

Japan only had a few shots on goal, but Navas was there to save them when necessary. He will be satisfied with a clean sheet.

Watson 6

Watson wasn’t as solid defensively as his teammates. However, he provided some impressive crosses to Oviedo and Torres.

Duarte 7

Good performance by Duarte. He broke some of Japan’s most dangerous attacks. He never lost concentration and called his teammates to account throughout the game.

Duarte Analyzed Some Of Japan'S Most Dangerous Attacks And Never Lost Focus.

Duarte analyzed some of Japan’s most dangerous attacks and never lost focus.

bald 7

Calvo is very lucky to have avoided a red card during Costa Rica’s match with Japan. However, he will be suspended for the Germany game after receiving a yellow card.


Oviedo were solid defensively and tried to advance down the left when they had possession of the ball. However, he had trouble connecting with the line in front of him and played on the side most of the time.

more complete 8

Fuller was the hero of the game after scoring in the 81st minute to secure the victory for Costa Rica. It was also a very well taken goal. He curved it in the upper right corner.

Fuller Was The Hero Of The Match After Scoring In The 81St Minute To Secure The Victory For Costa Rica.

Fuller was the hero of the match after scoring in the 81st minute to secure the victory for Costa Rica.

Borges 6.5

Borges delivered a solid performance. He did what was asked of him, but nothing more and nothing less. He could have gone further in the pocket.

weave 7

Tejeda gave away possession too easily and made some clumsy fouls. However, he inspired some of Costa Rica’s best attacks and gave Fuller the ball for his own goal.

Towers 6.5

Torres was another player who tried to play forward but had trouble connecting with the next line. However, he won a lot of 50/50.

Contreras 6

It wasn’t the best day in the office for Contreras. He didn’t deflect a single shot but he did hold the ball well on occasion.

Contreras Did Not Deflect A Shot But He Did Hold The Ball Well On Occasion

Contreras did not deflect a shot but he did hold the ball well on occasion

campbell 5.5

When Campbell was on the ball he provided some moments of brilliance. He exhibits quick footwork and a willingness to move forward. However, he was stopped in the fountain more often than not and struggled to get the ball.


Bennett 6, Aguilera 6, Salas 6, Chacon 6

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