Planning Your Wedding : Tips and Suggestions

Wedding day is one of the biggest days of anyone’s life, especially for those who are thinking of a solid commitment. Various cultures have got certain rules and regulations for wedding days, such as wedding dress, colours, flowers and days of celebrations.

I have not seen men very excited about the wedding, but women are very conscious of their wedding day. According to various surveys they want to look as pretty as possible. Wearing brands Veaul like is a must for women, without this hype they do not think that their wedding day was a success.

Naturally, we all want our wedding day perfect and the most amazing function for all our friends and family. This is not an easy project, being a project manager, I know that wedding is itself a greater project because our emotions are very much linked with these kinds of events.

But who has got those emotions, obviously the closest relatives and the groom/bride, who are going to marry? Expecting emotions and concern form the people who are claiming that they are going to manage your wedding is not a smart approach.

The bride and the groom must manage the wedding and there are a lot of things which come in this management, then the most important thing is to stay calm, because of the workload can be very exhausting sometimes.

Here are some of the tips which you must follow if you are into this wedding management thing:

1. Make the Budget

Doing his without knowing the cost is absolutely insane. You must calculate how much are you going to spend on a single day, which can be the best day of your life.

You won’t be spending alone so call all your shareholders for deciding the affordable prices, the budget set must include a lot of research which is quite important. As we have got several options in the market.

2. Make e Guest List

You must know who is coming to your big day. Make a list, try to recall all your family friends, skipping some rude relatives would not do any harm, in fact, that will be quite good for you. so that you must not feel disturbed.

Make sure that you have mentioned the total number of persons you can afford for a wedding while making that list.

3. Decide the Venue

Once you know how many people and you manage and what sort of investment you can do for your wedding, then it is high time to find the most suitable venue.

4. The Designers and the Makeup

Now, the bride’s turn. The bride must take care of the designer is not extremely expensive. Do not follow the hype, go to some parlours and try to check what are they really doing. Only select those saloons which are near to the venue.

5. Get the Diner Details

You will be calling on some good catering services. so, make sure that you ask them for dinner rehearsals because only then you would be able to gauge their abilities for pleasing you and your guests. Do not listen to what people say only do what you think suits you.

6. Send Invitations

You won’t be calling everyone to come to your wedding. You must create a letter, or if you think that is very old fashioned, then you can simply amok a poster of your wedding and send them on social media sites, but beware of the grandparents, they do not usually check their Facebooks or Instagram, so you just need to visit them or mail them through the old post office.