Planning a summer party? Have Walmart+ deliver games and pool toys to your backyard

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Friendly match, anyone? (Photo: Getty Images)

Spending most of the past year with social distancing has taught me the fine art of valuing time at home — and the way I’ve embraced it is finding creative ways to make the same space different and exciting. make you feel.

Anything else I appreciate now? Home delivery. Like millions of people, I’ve already used Amazon Prime for everything from household items to gifts, but it has many limitations: it takes a few days for many items to arrive, some things are much more expensive than in the store, and not everything I want is available on the website. When I started adding delivery service after delivery service, I realized I was spending an absurd amount of time ordering online. Then I found Walmart+ home delivery. It’s similar to Amazon Prime, but offers fresh groceries along with a bunch of other stuff.

And that’s exactly what I like most about the service. I can shop in one place for everything I need, from veggies to wine to whatever I like for the day – like, for example, “emergency” lawn games and pool toys when you realize five guests are coming and you can’t find fun activities and your floats are all broken. Yes, dear reader, this happened to me, but fear not – Walmart+ saved the day.

Walmart+ prices are about the same as what you would pay in the store, and if you’re lucky you can get same day delivery. Otherwise, you can generally get next-day delivery (but if you really want it sooner rather than later, it’s $10 for two-hour delivery). The Signing up was easy: a risk-free trial gives you 15 days, but a quick three-question survey will take another two weeks. After your 30 days have passed, you will be charged $12.95 per month or $98 per year, depending on what you select.

I have to be honest; I thought I’d cancel after the trial, but four months later, I’ve fully embraced the convenience and savings.

Here’s How I Turned My Backyard Into A Party Space Using Walmart+ home delivery.

A light up beanbag toss game means the game doesn't stop when the sun goes down.  (Credit: Walmart)

This light up beanbag toss game will keep the party going even when the sun goes down. (Photo: Walmart)

I’m not saying that my friends and I are competitive when it comes to beanbag throwing, but that’s because frankly it’s too embarrassing to describe how far we’ve walked to win. What’s especially great about this EastPoint Sports Light-Up Bean Bag Toss is that it lets us play late, late at night (the top two out of three has definitely escalated to the best seven out of nine) and still be able to see what we’re doing without worrying about moving the game under the backyard lights.

If you haven't spent at least a day lounging on a float in a unicorn pool this summer, you're not living well.  (Photo: Walmart)

A fantastic time awaits. (Photo: Walmart)

If you haven’t spent at least a day lounging in a unicorn pool this summer, you’re not living well. I love having fun pool floats on hand that are new and cheap, so much so that I’m devastated when one of my excited friends accidentally pops one. And let’s face it, a float in a unicorn pool is basically a guarantee that you’ll get some great photos of the day. Add one to the pool and you’ve got an instant party.

Coolest invention ever: This float has a built-in mister.  (Credit: Walmart)

Coolest invention ever: This float has a built-in mister. (Credit: Walmart)

Unicorn pool float fun aside, this is the float in the pool that is much more my speed – and the one I keep hidden during gatherings so it’s in perfect condition for me to use when everyone else is going home. It’s really an inflatable chaise lounge that lets you float above the water, but – get this – has a built-in sir to keep you cool and hydrated without forcing you to immerse yourself. Add a can of bubbly for the cup holder and I’m officially in heaven.

This volleyball goes in the pool or garden.  (Credit: Walmart)

Serve the fun whether in the garden or in the pool. (Credit: Walmart)

Volleyball in the backyard is always fun, and this affordable ball saves even more money because it can be used in or from the pool. The Coop Hydro Waterproof Volleyball is sized and completely waterproof, so wherever you play, you’re covered.

Lawn darts and boules in one handy set.  (Photo: Walmart)

Lawn darts and boules in one handy set. (Photo: Walmart)

Maybe it’s because of my East Coast roots, but I can’t resist a game of boules. It reminds me of the boules competition in my hometown of Little Italy (unfortunately, usually without the fragrant aromas of garlic and red sauce). This inexpensive bocce set also includes darts and has a carry bag for easy transport if I ever need to take it anywhere other than my yard. (Spoiler alert: I don’t.)

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