Plan Your Bathroom Renovation: Tips and Tricks

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Upon committing to a bathroom remodeling project, you have certainly planned and revised your budget several times and are about ready to begin.  Preparing your plan of action is the final step before starting your project.  This helps you to avoid becoming swamped by a few of the project’s bigger steps.

Upon committing to a bathroom remodeling project, you have certainly planned and revised your budget several times and are about ready to begin.  Preparing your plan of action is the final step before starting your project.  This helps you to avoid becoming swamped by a few of the project’s bigger steps.  Listed below are items that must be considered anytime you take on a bathroom remodeling project.

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Getting Ready For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

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Budget – The crucial point here is beginning with a figure that is realistic, covering all of your bases. If your calculations show that your needs and wants can all be purchased without going over budget, you could possibly even buy upgraded fixtures without overspending.  Be sure to factor in a contingency just in case of unexpected expenses that may arise. Functionality – Take a moment to consider whether you prefer nickel or gold finishes. Check out your wall color with our tile colors.  Be sure to make sure that you measure between any furniture to ensure there is proper flow in the room.  For example, you wouldn’t want to accidentally cover a floor vent with a vanity or purchase cabinets that stick out so far from the wall you are unable to close the door.

Storage – Be sure to include a linen closet and medicine cabinet in your bathroom remodeling project.  It is great to have these amenities handy and even more-so if they are discreet and do not create bathroom clutter.

Flooring – Flooring installation tends to be seen as an added expense by bathroom remodeling contractors and is rarely included in the base remodel.   If you are at all experienced with tile installation, you can DIY it in order to save money.  Lighting – Splurging on lighting is a great idea as one can never have too much lighting in their bathroom.  If you think the room is a bit too bright, you can always install dimmers on light switches in order to inexpensively resolve this problem.


Ventilation – Stuffy bathrooms are not popular with anyone.  Be sure to include at least one ceiling exhaust and one floor vent in your bathroom in order to avoid unnecessary odors and moisture.

Plumbing – The majority of contractors are able to “rough-in” standard sized bath plumbing for under $1500 so might as well budget for this from the get-go as licensed plumbers ate the best option when it comes to plumbing. Experienced plumbers have creative solutions for most plumbing issues so do not hesitate to ask them about anything you need.  Measurements – As the infamous old saying goes, “measure twice, cut once”. Make your lines and check them twice before cutting.  Once you’ve cut, there is no going back in time.  Double measuring will also ensure your furniture fits properly into your space.

Contractor – Once you have determined your desires for your bathroom and have worked out the general cost of your project, you should reach out to professional bathroom remodeling contractors to make certain every element of your plan can be properly executed.  Your last step prior to starting renovations is contractor selection and hiring. Troubleshooting – If any bathroom remodeling contractor discovers a problem with your plan, you can go over alternative solutions with them to find a solution.  This is likely to occur a few times during your project, but any qualified professional is accustomed to this and should be able to work through it. Every one of these planning phase steps will help you to properly prepare for your bathroom remodeling project if followed carefully.  If an unforeseen issue arises, which is always a possibility, a qualified contractor should have no problem solving it.  Sticking to your original plan should assist in keeping your budget in check and help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed when your bathroom remodeling is fully in process.

Read on to discover some common bathroom remodeling errors to keep an eye out for that can be easily avoided. Evading these mistakes or preventing them in the first place can make certain that you are happy with your results.

Most Common Errors To Avoid During Bathroom Remodeling

Error 1. Not Establishing a Budget then Spending Too Much

When all is said and done, ensure that you establish a budget then ensure you stay within that same budget.  If you establish $15,000 as your bathroom remodeling budget, you CANNOT spend $30,000 to complete it. Research bathroom products than search for more affordable prices, keeping in mind certain elements cannot be done cheaper, electricity and plumbing are too important for that.  Go ahead and order a vanity that is cheaper but be sure to spend adequately on wiring and plumbing. Another important part of the bathroom to invest in is the floor. Although a floor heating system installation may be quite expensive in the beginning, its benefits will be long-lasting: from reducing mold in your bathroom, to keeping it dry, to increasing resale value.

Error 2. Lack of an Action Plan

People often hop right into a bathroom remodeling project before considering specifically what they seek to achieve.  Prior to beginning, put an action plan in place.  Without a plan of action, you will likely purchase unnecessary items or even buy something spontaneously that you hate once installed.   Speak to various bathroom remodeling contractors and solicit comprehensive quotes from them based on your bathroom remodeling needs.

Error 3. Overcrowding

Although it may seem like a great idea to include an enormous double sink vanity, you may not have enough space for it and if you try to cram it in, you may feel your bathroom is overcrowded and unenjoyable. Bathroom remodeling should consider your available space and transform it accordingly.   Be sure to purchase accessories and fixtures that only occupy an appropriate amount of bathroom space.

Error 4. Selecting Trendy Design Materials

Although it is fine to follow trends and try to roll with them, your bathroom is in place to attempt this.  Actually, your bathroom remodeling project should NEVER utilize elements that are currently “in” style.  Instead, utilize styles that are timeless and will never make your bathroom appear outdated. Don’t forget, you can easily include trendy decorative accents that can be removed and changed later.  If the fixtures you select are trendy, you will likely require yet another bathroom renovation in order to remove these fixtures.

If you require assistance with your next bathroom renovation, depend on the qualified professionals at our company to lead you through the process.